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Optics frustration

Discussion in 'Gear & Accessories' started by Blackbird, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Blackbird

    Blackbird Hillsboro Member

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    I have been searching for sometime now for a 1-4 scope only to come to a dead end. I have searched and searched for places to carry at least a couple of different 1-4 scopes and no one really has anything. The old Sportsman Warehouse on 82nd has a VX-I and one other brand. Northwest Armory had a Vortex PST, which was very nice but a little out of my price range. I called Keiths this morning to see if they had a few that I could come and check out but the guy on the phone was a total bubblegum and wouldnt tell me the models or prices of the ones they had. He just said that they had a couple different Leupolds and that I would have to come it to get the pricing and models cause he was too busy at the moment. I would have gone out there and probably bought a scope had he let me know exactly what I was coming to look at. My point of this whole thread is that I am having a difficult time finding a scope that I like and that is in my budget. I am willing to spend $400 on a good scope but I really want to put my hands on it and look through it before I buy it. I dont want to order something off line and not like it and have to send it back and then order something else. Sometimes I wish I would have never sold my EOTech and would have just saved my money for a magnifier. Does anyone know where I can see any of this type of scope or is this a lost cause?
  2. Scott

    Scott Battle Ground Well-Known Member

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    Leupold Mark AR 1-4x20 about $279 and very good. Fishermans or keiths.
  3. BillCh

    BillCh Vancouver Active Member

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    Unfortunately, the greater Portland area doesn't have any place that stocks higher end optics.

    As for Keith's, well, now you know better.

  4. eldbillbo

    eldbillbo clackamas New world samurai and a redneck none the less Bronze Supporter

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    keep a eye on this board sometimes a good deal on a used one comes up . Maybe there will a local shoot and someone can let you check out the system they have.
  5. The Cheese

    The Cheese somewhere special Member

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    I have a bushnell 4200 1.25-4x and I absotively love it. Best scope in that price range IMO. If you want to check it out, I am on the west side of hillsboro. I also have a couple chinese 1.5-4.5x scopes that aren't bad given the price if you want a little side by side comparison. But they are a bit on the heavy side and the optics aren't the best, but for what they cost they are great. If you want to check either out just shoot me a PM. I have very little going on right now.
  6. asiparks

    asiparks PDX Active Member

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    i have a few 1-4X scopes you can look through, trijicon tr21, an old and a new GRSC CRS, a Vector and an IOR. PM me. from what I've tried, I would say either the CRS $350 ish or a used TR21($450 ish) or used TR24 ($550 ish).
  7. Nwcid

    Nwcid Yakima and N of Spokane Well-Known Member

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