Operation: Midnight Escape


I have a 2000 F-250 and Im going to be doing some mods to it this winter. Using sketchup I made some models to get an idea of what I'm going for. This will be for Getting the Heck out of my small town, and heading for the hills!!!

This truck is not my 1st choice for this, but it IS paid off... and a unimog or M1078 is a little too much $$$

I'm halfway there, I have most of the items/material and will be adding it slowly as I have time. When I'm all done it will go a little like this:

I have NOT listed the stuff that is Not for you to know about. (Freakin lazerbeams, fold-out gattling guns, smokescreens, and... well you get the picture) and also left a few things out because I cant write a novel for a post. (stuff like extra headlights, cans of oil... You get the Idea)

Ford Superduty F-450
matte black
7.3L Turbo Diesel (360hp / 655lb/tq chipped)
4speed automagic tranny
Twin 25gal Diesel OEM tanks

Full Air Ride 4link suspension (adjustable height, -2" to +6" from stock)
14" travel 6way adjustable shocks
On Board Air / 2nd AC pump added for compressor
2-10gal air tanks, air fittings at all corners of truck
38x12.5r16" tires

lighting/Warning systems:
HID headlights/Foglights
Front IR 140LED panel
4 grill 2 dash Red/blue LED lights
Mirror LED lights
90w strobes in headlights and tail lights
Directional LED arrow stick in rear
Red and Amber LED lights in rear
2 24" Grover emergency air horns
Siren/PA system

Canopy / access from cab
Roof rack
Custom bumpers welded F/R
Mounts for Hi-Lift Jacks, spare tire, Jerry cans and shovels

Ham 2 Meter
Iphone holder/charger
2way UHF handhelds
Laptop mount/ external Wi-Fi
7" indash monitor
Rear Camera
GPS navigation w/ Topo maps pre-downloaded

Interior Cab:
1/4" AR-500 steel silhouette seat backs
1/4" AR-500 steel interior door panels
Master External Light kill switch
2 In cab Safes for firearms/ extra ammo
2 front captian chairs 2 rear jump seats
full line of tools for most repairs
3ton floor jack
most airtools one would need for truck repairs
Full Medic Kit
4-20' tow straps

Interior Canopy:
32" Turret with fold down stand and locking fiberglass lid.
Mounts for BOB's and long firearms
4-5gal water jerry cans
2 fold up sleeping cots
fold down counter
roof vents with exhaust fan (when cooking in cab)
Ice chest / Mini Fridge
Safe with extra ammo
2-50' farm 5/16 chain with clevis hooks on all ends

Here is a Basic Idea of what It will look like when Im done....

This is a Survival truck, ment for bailing out with... getting me from point A (SHTF) to Point B (Not SHFT) If it fails me, Ill be marching on with my Bail out bag and my boots....

What do you think? Sugestions? Comments? Questions?
You should keep the gas cans inside or in more concealed/secure location. Keeping them on the back is a target for theft, or anyone wanting to turn your truck into a bonfire.


I was thinking of keeping them inside my garage when Im not ready to bail. and if I had to pack the truck full to the brim on my way out the door I would add the cans to the top or back... They are OD green not red, I need to change that...

You should keep the gas cans inside or in more concealed/secure location. Keeping them on the back is a target for theft, or anyone wanting to turn your truck into a bonfire.

+1 at a minimum I would at least paint them black or something. Your vehicle may be more prepared than mine, but it is a huge target (in the Army they teach us to shoot at the vehicle with the most antennas first). Keeping a low profile is hard to do, but is one of the benifits of not having a lot of gear. If you can, I'd make this a lower priority for other gear just for the simple fact that unless you've got all the weapons and body armor needed to repel an attack, the last thing you want to do is hand this over to the first armed raider that comes pointing a gun at you or your family.

That is just my two cents...after all, who is more prepared, the guy with all the gear- or the guy that just ambushes you for all your gear?


If you can, I'd make this a lower priority for other gear just for the simple fact that unless you've got all the weapons and body armor needed to repel an attack, the last thing you want to do is hand this over to the first armed raider that comes pointing a gun at you or your family.

Im Armed to the teeth, have body armor, Fully stocked Bailout bags (osprey 70l packs), A full pantry... just need to finish my truck project
If It were me I would forget the strobes,red blues, and etc. In a true SHTF nothing says target like a wanna be swat rig. Just keep it simple and low key as to not draw attention from all other bug outers. I would be worried about the reaction given by others in the same situation as they might mistake you for the government coming to ruin their day. I would also suggest going with a more normal size tire as you may need to borrow replacements as you go unless you spend the extra cash on run flats as a $ .50 round takes out a tire pretty well and those are some mighty large targets.:s0159:


jim, It gets 20mpg right now, 18mpg when towing and Im guessing it will get 17-18 with the added weight. so 2, 25 gal tanks, 4, 5gal cans = 70gal x 17 = 1190 miles...

Dead Eye, the lights are all clear LED's when off and behind the grill, so its not obvious that I have them, they might just get me past a road block if I flash my Mil ID and have a reason... Im looking into getting some used Hummer rims and runflats, I can get the wheels for $60 and tires for $100 each... I would just need to get the wheels re-drilled to fit my lug pattern. I need the tires that big for when I go off road, Ive had everything from stock to 35's to 37's now 38's and The bigger the better around here...
That is a cool truck but if things got ugly it would stick out like a turd in a punchbowl. Something mechanically sound but plain looking doesn't shout "stuff to steal" quite as loudly.
Might I suggest going to a farm supply place and puchasing an L shaped fuel tank that carries 100 gal. With your tanks it will extend your range out to about 3200 miles. Weight is about 800 lbs but your vehicle weighs alot more when you run out of fuel.

I would be thinking about putting high powered lights on the top rack (both front and rear) in the event you loose the ones at the grill level.
great CAD designs Iansstud, well done on putting so much thought into it and asking others for input! I don't have any worthy suggestions for you, being the computer/music nerd that I am :D But you've given me good ideas to consider for sure.
Way to many eggs in one basket IMHO. The geography of the PNW doesn't work well for a land based bugout. Assuming civil unrest the roads will be clogged. Assuming earthquake the roads will be blocked. Everyone with a 4x4 will try the back roads a lot with no real experience will lead to road blocks even there. I figure boat would be the best way to go around here. Either way I wouldn't invest that much into something that is so unlikely to be useful.

Just my opinion. Nice truck though... I kinda want it.


Thanks for the comments! I just used google sketchup for a rough draft, super easy!!!!!

Of course this is not my only basket, I will hold down the fort until I feel the need to leave, I'm WAY better off at home!!! But if you need to go, I'd rather have a rig that's ready, vs. A empty stock rig...

I thought, if I'm gonna do this, do it right. I think I just about have it hammered out... I like new ideas, like I said, I'm not done yet... I would be ALL ABOUT a boat!!! But they are expensive, and my truck is paid off. I would love a 2 or 3 truck convoy! I hope to find a like minded couple to bail with, but they would need to be just as ready! Most trucks can go anywhere! As long as you have a friend to pull you out when you get stuck! I'll be moving to eastern wa, or Texas next fall... I figure as long as I can drive to a fresh water source I just might make it! I plan on 3months of food supply, add that with any game I find, and it could be extended to 6mo+

The whole point of this truck is to: use what's in my means, to get me where I'm going safely.

My 1st thought is use a military surplus vehicle,
But it would not be:
-Paid off
-street legal
-fuel efficient
-blend in (at least some-what)
-find parts to fix in most towns
Everybody needs a survival fantasy to keep going on, but we need to keep it as real as possible if it is to actually succeed. I spent a decade living out in the woods in the rural lifestyle, getting to know the culture and ways of the "hills". The first thing to keep in mind is that rural land is ALREADY occupied, and they have larger concepts of personal space than urban dwellers. The second thing to keep in mind is that THEY WILL NOT WELCOME YOU to come and take their wildlife or livestock, except perhaps at a back route roadblock where they will simply take all of your stuff and relieve you of all worries about it.

Most rural folks are experienced loggers and farmers with road-building skills. They are trained with DYNAMITE and keep some on hand. At the first signs of social collapse they will likely just BLOW THE BRIDGES to their parts of the country in order to be left alone by the fleeing hordes from the cities. Can a truck fly?

The key concept to Bugging-Out is to be there BEFORE everyone else realizes it is time to go...........................elsullo :(
One solution to a shot tire is filling them to the brim with fix-aflat, or any other repair goo, especially if this is a bug-out-only vehicle, fuel efficieny will go down a bit, but leaving a little air room in the tires for flexing will allow rough terrain travel, even with a little lucky lead in them. its not an ideal solution, but decreased milage is better then riding on rims.

(i only say doing it before you get shot at because it's a bit difficult to fill a tire with repair goo under fire.)

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