"Only police and military should have guns"

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by Nwcid, Dec 20, 2012.

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    "Only police and military should have guns" is the cry you are hearing more often now from the gun grabbers. We all know they fail at logic and fact but lets give it one more try.

    This is the WEAKEST point in their rantings as it PROVES they KNOW gun control does not work. If laws and gun control worked WHY do the police need guns as no one else would have one? For that matter if laws worked why do we need the police at all? We all know everyone follows the law................

    Think on that one for a while.
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    Anti-gun nuts have posted on Huffington Post (the very best place to argue with tens of thousands of the most extreme anti-gun nuts) that "only the police, military, and elected officials should be allowed to own guns". Seriously, some of them believe that. I told them to move to North Korea, because the North Korean government agrees with them and has already instituted that policy.
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    These people are against waterboarding terrorists yet are all for a police state. Strange logic at work there... :(

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