NRA Basic Pistol course, Concealed Carry, with indoor range practice in White Samon, WA

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    My local gun club is hosting some training

    Saturday, March 12th (9-5), or
    Saturday, April 23rd (9-5), or
    Saturday, May 14th (9-5)

    It's a really fun day, half classroom, half shooting. We've had ex-military, ex-police, and complete newcomers who have never touched a gun in their lives. Fun is had by all. The classroom session is sprinkled with yellow plastic training gun drills to develop muscle memory for muzzle control and keeping the finger off the trigger.

    There is a STRONG emphasis on safety. The instructor is NRA certified and has been teaching for over 25 years.

    This course does qualify for Oregon concealed carry requirements.

    White Salmon is just across the bridge from Hood River, OR, about an hour east of Portland along the Columbia River. Help spread the word.
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    Great deal for $75.00, especially since it includes shooting 7 to 12 different handguns!

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