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  1. D

    What range/gun club is best for SW PDX

    Hi everyone, I just bought my first handgun a few weeks ago found this forum, you guys are the best!! I wanted to ask what everyone recommends for the best value range/gun club is for the money I live in SE Portland and went to the Place To Shoot last week and it was nice but with the $85...
  2. Wombat of Doom

    So I was at an indoor range with a fun switch equipped STEN.

    right after I mag dumped it and some guy asked me if I was the guy going full semi-auto. I just didn't know what to say. So I said something to the effect of "nothing semi about it, this is a full auto machine gun." But I could not believe somebody was saying that and not in jest.
  3. sigmadog

    Funny thing happened at the indoor range…

    Was shooting last night with a couple buddies over at Center Target in Post Falls. I was shooting my S&W SC1911 .45 (e-series). We were doing little friendly competitions and having fun: "Okay. One-hand shoot with your weak hand. One round only at the 3" circle at 25'." "Let's see if we can...
  4. ATCclears

    Woodinville, WA - new indoor range opening soon (Securite Gun Club)

    Securité Gun Club - Woodinville WA — I was driving past and pleasantly surprised to see the banner on the building.
  5. Mike97124

    Target Shooting - Ammunition Choice

    I've been looking at ammunition in both .38 and .357 and reading different threads and online articles on what to use for target shooting. Most of the suggestions are all over the place, although it seems to be a common suggestion that for .38 and .357 target shooting just get the cheapest...
  6. trikerdon

    Federal Way Discount Guns & Indoor Range

    Has anyone utilized this range? Any problems with it?....
  7. scott_see

    NRA Basic Pistol course, Concealed Carry, with indoor range practice in White Samon, WA

    My local gun club is hosting some training Saturday, March 12th (9-5), or Saturday, April 23rd (9-5), or Saturday, May 14th (9-5) http://www.mtadamsfishgame.com/nra-basic-pistol-shooting-course-concealed-carry/ It's a really fun day, half classroom, half shooting. We've had ex-military...
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