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If you are in Oregon, you get a 100% tax credit for donating up to $50 per person, $100 per couple.
Find races with pro-2A candidates that were in "close" districts last year. For example, in Oregon House district 26, Peggy Stevens (R) is challenging incumbent Courtney Neron (D). In 2018, that was a close win for Neron. Given the Portland violence and anti-self-defense stand of the current Oregon legislature, close races like this one should be winnable.

There are others. Oregon, Washington both have swing districts in the national Congress elections and state elections. You can use Ballotopedia to see the candidates' names and 2018 results for each district. If your district is not even close, consider donating to pro-gun candidates in districts that are. All in all, this is how the fat cat donors do it to take away our rights. Lets see if we can take some back.
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