North Whidbey Club (Not So Hot About It) , Other Options for Seattle Area

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    Does anyone else feel that this background check form that is required to join the North Whidbey Sportsman's Club is a bit polarizing? I feel that somehow the mentality is that if you own a gun your a potential criminal. Considering that King County has shut down the gun range near me, I will have to travel far to go to a range where I can do draw/shoot and other disciplines which are pretty much restricted at most ranges in the Puget Sound. I've been very disgruntled with the ranges in the Seattle area and found them to be more restrictive than anywhere I have lived. Many ranges here will restrict the rounds you can put in a magazine, ban silhouette targets (to human like) and some even ban conceal carry. I need to practice drawing and shooting from my holster, but almost every range here will require you to spend $100s-1000s going to IDPA matches just so you can practice this discipline. I don't have the time or money to compete, so I have decided to just make a long trip outside Puget Sound where there are better ranges with less restrictions, but will cost me in gas money.

    Here is the notorious Background check form of the North Whidbey club. I feel this is rather humiliating and they could have just asked for a SSN and done a background check, rather than being demeaning and intrusive, asking you questions like have you ever had a speeding ticket and demanding to every place you lived for the last 10 years. I hate the fact that they treat you like a criminal when you walk in the door. I've never encountered this at any other gun range. At least not to this degree.

    Reluctantly, I am going to probably join this club and have to drive over an an half each way to go shooting there since the Nazis in King County government have more or less shut down my range for who knows how long.. Also, they make you drive for 2 meetings and 1 orientation before they let you shoot at the range. It's a real hassle.

    My only other option I am seeing is go to the North Central Gun Range in Wenatchee, which is farther, but is probably the best range in Western Washington and has a 600 yard rifle range. Being in a high desert has a lot of advantages.

    I'm wondering if there are any nice shooting spots in Stevens Pass area not too high up on the mountain, which could be accessible even in the winter? I have heard of some shooting spots around here, but here most of them get closed due to abuse and people trashing them. Obviously, in a metro with 4-5 million people it's going to be hard to find untouched areas to shoot. The mountains are nice, but not sure where I can go that would not be such a long drive.

    Some people were telling me about Cherry Valley Road area near Monroe has shooting area? Does anyone know where that would be? Is there a lot of sketchy people who shoot there? I am trying to find places where I can avoid dangerous and stupid shooters and just other weird people dwelling in the area, like I have seen in some outdoor areas.

    I was so excited to have a nice gun range near my house, but it looks like King County is going to devote a lot of effort to have this range shut down. I've also heard rumors of Weyerhauser possibly selling off the area where the range is and having it shutdown. Things don't look good for Snoqualmie Valley club and I know I need to find a club that doesn't get shut down by the county at a moment's notice.

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