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Nice place in Timber Or - 30 to 45 min away from beaverton

Discussion in 'Outdoor Shooting Areas' started by Eagle_Adam, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. Eagle_Adam

    Eagle_Adam Portland Oregon Member

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    I’m not sure if it has an official name but i will give you an aprox address, 25166 NW Timber Rd.

    look for a turn off on the side of the road, the turn off should have a 2 ft tall dirt burm. if you let me know which way you would be coming from and i can tell you which side of the road its on. I go hwy 26 to hwy 6 to the timber exit. Which puts the shooting spot on your left coming up the hill. If you go through the town of timber you have gone too far. Have fun! The spot is good for all kinds of guns. shotgun W/ a good clearing for clay pidgins, aprox 100 yd rifle range, and a good 20 ft tall dirt hillside for pistol action! All i ask is that you keep it clean. I was there last weekend beware of ice on the timer rd exit in the shadows. i made it there in a jetta and an accord so its very doable:thumbup: Happy new year!
  2. Cougfan2

    Cougfan2 Hillsboro, OR Well-Known Member

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    Thanks for the tip. Who owns the property? Is it BLM?
  3. hcomet22

    hcomet22 Portland New Member

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    Well I checked this place out. I can't say that i'm all that impressed. I suppose if your a shotgun guy with traps on pigeons and all it MIGHT be decent.
    The biggest drawback to me is that you have to leave you car on the road in deliverance country and hike a few hundred yards out of sight to a questionable sight for shooting. If your a rifle or pistol guy like me, the 20 foot high backstop is actually a gradual ascending hill that has ?? beyond it. The potential to skip an fmj up over the top is pretty good and the road isnt too far away.
    I didn't see one pistol or rifle casing on the ground which can mean that there are some really good clean shooters, but more likely that its a shotgun only type of place.
    Anyhow I'm sure that the place is ok I was just a bit dissapointed when I got there. Like I said if your a shotgun guy (or gal) this would be a great one for ya. Bring a bag with all of your gear as well as your bang bangs, you'll have to hop some ditches and hike a bit in the mud. probably not a good place to shoot alone either. thanks for posting your site.
  4. jasonburress

    jasonburress Portland, Or New Member

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    I checked out this spot last Sunday (2/21/2010) and was not impressed either. It's ok if you just want to pop off a few rounds. But like the last poster said, you have to a walk 100 yards off the road, so if you have mutiple weapons or a table or anything heavy it just won't do. You also lose sight of your vehicle. I also go strange looks from every one driving by since you have to park right off the road.