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New ATF Ruling makes it OK to go from pistol to rifle and back to pistol

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by PinkhamR, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. PinkhamR

    PinkhamR Altus, Oklahoma MSgt, USAF (Retired)-FFL Lifetime Supporter

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    In the past, ATF has said that you could not convert a pistol to a rifle and back to a pistol (except for the Thompson Center Kits that were sold in both configurations) without filing NFA paperwork (as a pistol made from a rifle). A new ATF Ruling (2011-4 dated 25 July 11) now says that if a firearm ORIGINALLY starts out as a pistol then it is OK to convert it to a rifle and back to a pistol. If it was ORIGINALLY a rifle, it needs to stay a rifle. This is good news for the folks who like the conversion kits for Glocks, 1911, etc.. that have a stock and 16" barrel. You can now convert them back and forth without worry.

  2. Stomper

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  3. AMProducts

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    Nice, I just picked up a bunch of 0% AR lowers I was going to paper as pistols (15% excise) at least now they can become either. I'm still trying to figure out wtf california requires when selling a pistol receiver.