Need some advice on my new at build

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by Kshack90, Aug 14, 2014.

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    I am starting my second ar build and have a question about the gas system I need. My first has a standard gas block and mid length hand guards. But I bought a complete upper receiver. Now this one I am going to build 556/233 and want to build it with free float handgaurds I have a stripped upper but have not bought the barrel yet or gas block any help would be appriciated.
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    Just simple math here brother. Find the hand guard you want first.Then find a gas block that either goes underneath or sits in front of the hand guard.
    OK so first decide what you want for front sites.Then decide how long your HG can be.
    Will you use a A1 front that can be the gas block? Or use sites that mount on a picantiny rail gas block?
    Or will you use optics and not care about a front site?
    TOO MANY options for someone else to decide for you.Too many different sites and ways to mount them.
    Go to ar15,com and look at the pic threads or just the vendor bubbles at the top.See what interests you and then pick the lego pieces.
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    Yeah really just depends on the rail/handguard you want. And that my friend is a tough decision there are 1000s out there. So start with a price, then look at style, etc.
    I just finish my pistol build and built a rifle no too long ago. The hardest part of all of those 2 builds was picking a handguard. I like the long guard look though so I knew i wanted a lo pro gas block.
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    start simple: rails or no rails?

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