N82 holsters?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by scbrett, Jan 24, 2013.

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    Has anyone used one of these holsters or know anyone that uses one? I carry an fnx40 and just saw them online today.
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    I've been using them 4 years now, fit and finish are great, concept is great: my tactical, with my XD covers the grip keeping it from scratching my bare skin. The Tactical also locks on the trigger guard keeping the gun put. The Kyrex housing keeps it's shape allowing re-insertion of the gun with one hand, if your belt isn't too tight.
    The only issue, after 4 years, my daily right-hand carry holster, modified so my reflex sight fits, has had 2 of the rivets pull thru. They simply rivet to the soft leather, but under heavy use those can pull thru: I'm now installing new rivets and washer-backings to prevent this from happening again. I've carried everyday for about 30 years: this has been the most comfortable and versatile holster I've used. LOL ;)
    I'll detail my repair of my N82 Tactical holster:
    Likely this was due to my modification to allow my Red-Dot sight to seat in the Tactical. Removing one rivet and part of the Kyrex shell allowed the Red-Dot to seat, BUT weakened the holster: the outer black leather is flex-glued to the white skin-side leather and the shell is riveted directly to that outer black leather. Efficent to manufacture!
    With the Red-dot too much stress was on those remaining 3 rivets and 2 pulled thru.
    (1)To fix this I used my Dremal tool and large grinding disk to grind off the tops of the rivets.
    (2)Next I pushed those out of the shell, then, thru the Kyrex shell hole I pushed my Xacto knife point thru the white leather and marked the exit.
    (3)CAREFULLY I cut just the outside leather, centered over the rivet hole, parrell to the edge and wide enough for the 3/4"x 3/16" steel washer .
    (4)Using a plain knife with point and using the dull back I separated the black outside leather from the white inside making enough room to sandwich the large washer between the two layers, centered over the old rivet hole.
    (5)The flex-glue holds the washer in place while I pushed the 1/4" long rivet thru from the back and thru shell, then put a small special rivet washer on the rivet over the Kyrex shell's hole then riveted them together.
    Be certian the white back/body leather is OVER the rivet not under it's edge.
    The flex-glue and pressure will hold the slit closed so the rivet doesn't touch you.
    REPAIR COMPLETE! Works great on my holster, BUT finding those rare 3/4" x 3/16" washers can be a challenge, got mine from Lowells; 1" or 1 1/4" are too big. Now these large washers distribute the gun's weight over a large area of the black outer leather and cannot pull thru!!
    LOL ;)
    NOTE: Using my own Dremal and rivet tools it cost just $3 for rivets and washers to repair my $50+ holster. this can be done to similar holsters.
    UPDATE: Using 3/8" rivets I was able to skip cutting off the rivet heads
    and reinforce existing points just adding the extra washers to the backing.
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    A friend has one and thinks it's very comfortable! He found he was unable to carry an older style, stiff leather backed, IWB holster above hid bony old azz! My words, LOL!!! :D
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    Oh don't worry, I'll post a link... lol. Thanks for bringing it up. They look really functional. I'm a Versacarry fan boy but these might sway me over.
    N82 Tactical - Concealed Carry Holsters
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    ....or maybe I'll rivet some plastic to the back of my Vedder.
  6. AirResq

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    I have a IWB N82 for my 40c. Love it.
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    Use it everyday for my s&w shield over last year and change. I will by another for once I purchase the new s&w m2.0 compact.

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