More News From Gun Free City.. 1 Year Old Murdered

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    Well, it seems the gruesome murder stories from New York City, or as I call it "Gun Free City", are unending and just get more and more diabolic. I refer to New York City as "Gun Free City" as owning and possessing firearms in this city is very restricted and more or less illegal for average citizens. It appears the only people in NYC who are able to own and possess guns are the NYPD and the large number of ruthless street gangs, both who are overrun by criminals, in my opinion.

    Here's the latest rap from Gun Free City, 1 year old Brooklyn boy shot in head and killed while being pushed in stroller:
    1-year-old Brooklyn boy shot in head, killed as parents push stroller -

    Are people sick of these stories? Personally, I think Bloomberg should be tried in a court of law and imprisoned for these crimes. He should be the one held responsible as he stripped away the constitutional right of American citizens in Gun Free City to be able to keep, bear and defend themselves with firearms. In effect, he has made his subjects (if I may call them that), weak and helpless, whereas he has empowered his own government henchman and storm troopers (NYPD), as well as giving free reign and power to the street gangs and myriad of criminals.

    To me, Michael Bloomberg murdered this child. Everyone blames the gun, I blame the politicians who prevent us from defending our children and make our citizens into weak, helpless subjects at the mercy of both corrupt government thugs and ruthless street gangs.

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