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Memaloose clean up ?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Shooting Areas' started by HappyValleyAP, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. HappyValleyAP

    HappyValleyAP Brush Prairie, WA Active Member

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    I know Memaloose was recently closed - and even though the reason it was closed was unrelated to trash and litter, it's a good reminder of how nice of a spot this is for us to shoot and at any moment it COULD be taken from us because of the junk people leave behind.

    Is anyone interested in potentially arranging for a clean up before the snow comes this winter up there? Saturday or Sunday morning would be easiest for most of us I assume.

    My thought is if we could get a group of 15-20 people up there and each person brought 1-2 bags to fill with trash, it would do wonders for the site and allow us to go into the winter months where it's rarely used quite clean.

    We could of course finish it off with a fun shoot for everyone that attends.

    Anyone interested in doing this with me? 1 bag of trash each is easy to dispose of in our current trash bins at our homes but goes a long way if enough of us go!
  2. df662

    df662 Hillsboro, OR Active Member

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    I would be interested. Would be nice to get someone out there with a truck to haul everything out? I was there yesterday for the first time (just moved here from AZ) and there was quite a bit of trash there... mostly shot up targets.
  3. JohnnyCauc

    JohnnyCauc Portland, OR Member

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    Yeah, I take at least a bag out of there every time I go. A standard yard rake makes quick work of the discarded shotshells (though plenty of steel casings slip through). That seems like the largest amount of trash, as the big stuff is always the first to get picked up.
  4. FMJ 911

    FMJ 911 Snohomish, Washington Active Member

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    Gee, I'd like to help, but I'm in WA, and I have a place that I'm going to start cleaning up.
  5. mini1980

    mini1980 Gone Member

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    Count me in. It's one of my favorite outdoor shooting spots.
  6. RoJac

    RoJac Earth Member

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    Try and set a date and time .Sounds good to me
  7. sheepdip

    sheepdip Redland Well-Known Member

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    :cascade elk hunt starts saturday, will be gone for a week :cool:
  8. korntera

    korntera Oregon Member

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    If somebody wants to pick me up I will chip in for disposal fees and help pick up. My only car is a convertible sports car right now as I'm looking for something new for next year so drive me up and I will also bring my machine gun and lots of suppressed guns.

    To the OP I am right down the street from you off 152nd and sunny side if you wanted to give me a lift up :)
  9. USMC1345

    USMC1345 Gresham, OR Member

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    I was at the clean up there last year and will help this year also... if someone arranges it. I can also use my truck to haul out trash. Saturdays are best for me.