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Looking for 9mm to conceal, any suggestions would be great

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by Miller3, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Miller3

    Miller3 Salem. OR New Member

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    Hello all,
    Im new to the site and looking for suggestions on a 9mm to conceal. I have a Springfield XDm .40 with a 4.5" barrel and Im hoping to trade it for a 9mm to conceal. I would like something that is fun to shoot and is still fun to shoot. Im not a person that is going to be carrying a ton. I mainly want to drop down to the 9mm due to cheaper ammo. My ideal trade would be something like a XDm 9mm compact or trading up obviously to a sig 229 or others.


  2. Pdub

    Pdub 97070 Member

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    Welcome. I sent you a PM.
  3. SynapticSilence

    SynapticSilence Battle Ground, WA Well-Known Member

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    Kahr CM9. Small, thin, 6+1, rated for +p, accurate, totally reliable with everything from handloads to HPs, and under $400. What's not to like?
  4. SCannon

    SCannon Battle Ground, WA Active Member

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    I have the Keltec PF9 and a lot of people bag them, but I really like it. Never had a FTF or any issue with it, it won't shoot nice groups at 10 yards but will keep 7 bullets in a center mass target. Won't lie to you and tell you they are fun to shoot, but for price, size, weight, and conceal ability it is hard to beat. The Kahr is also a good choice.
  5. 97321

    97321 Albany Active Member

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    What do you want from the 9 mm? If your XD-M is ok to you by size and you just don't like the caliber you might want to go with a G19. If you want sub-compact nobody will criticize the choice of a G26. For comfort and size on a slim frame the above mentioned Kahr and Keltec are worth reviewing. Kahr is going to be more valuable in a future trade. I have a Taurus 709 slim which I love for the fact that it completely disappears in an IWB holster. You'd be trading down for something like that, though. A closer trade value would maybe be the Beretta Nano or a Ruger LC9. Good luck.
  6. hman40cal

    hman40cal Dallas OR Member

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    I agree with the posts above I would just add the ruger sr9 and what I carry the Beretta px4 storm subcompact 9mm
  7. rsmccsman

    rsmccsman Hillsboro Go Blazers!

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    I have had positive experiences with Keltec p11 pf9 and Kahr cm9. Kahr has a better trigger though.