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    Mr David Minshall, secretary of the UK's Muzzle-loading Association of Great Britain [mlagb], has kindly posted link details of his latest newsletter for our delight and erudition .

    Research Press Journal

    The PDF contains the following subjects -

    Research Press Journal – Issue 1, Winter 2018 (32 pages).

    This is a new free download pdf magazine he has launched via his web site and may interest readers here as it includes coverage of Enfield and Whitworth rifles. Contents:

    - The Enfield Rifle
    - Long Range Shooting with the Military Muzzle Loading Rifle
    - The Whitworth Rifle: A Brief Introduction
    - Hints for Long Range Riflemen
    - First Hints on Rifle Shooting: Wind
    - Private McVittie
    - Breech-Loading Small Arms
    - Thomas Wilson: his Patents, Arms and Ammunition
    - Frederick Prince’s Breech-Loading Rifle

    Mr Minshall is a UK, European, Commonwealth and World Champion BP rifle shooter.

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    Thanks for the post!

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