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I want to keep a loaded PCC (carbine) easily accessible. But secure from kids.

what I WANT is a minimalist "gun hook" or "gun rack" that will secure ONE loaded and on-safe firearm right on the wall, in all its glory, for all to see, for example right over the bed. Punch in a quick code or fingerprint, or something, and "click" pull it off the wall.
What I envision just bolts or screws to the wall and is basically designed to grab and secure the lower receiver of an AR-15. I could easily do this with a safe, but I'd rather hang it on the wall than dedicate a corner of the room, or under-bed. I want something faster. Code+grab=armed.

anyone know anything like this? Thanks!

Very close!!! Might work! Still, a little bulkier than I was thinking, so any other recommendations are welcome. I was hoping for something even more minimalist. Thanks a bunch for the tip!
I use a Shotlock Solo-Vault for my shotgun; the company also markets a Shotlock Solo-Vault for AR platforms. Your description of what you're looking for is basically what the Solo-Vaults do.

Interesting option. Although it looks like this design will limit the height and length of optics you could use. Even micro red-dots on a absolute or lower 1/3 co-witness riser will be taller than 2.5"

That is awesome and 75% perfect!! Heck, even a good price. Sadly, won't work on a non-AR. My PCC's mag well is 9mm. Could lock up an AR, but that would defeat the purpose of having gotten a quieter 9mm for non-eardrum-blowing home defense. Not to mention, I'm hoping to find something like the first one from Shotlock where I can lock it with a magazine already in it.

Thank you for posting!!! Anyone know of anything else?
Hornady Rapid Safe?...

The video seems to imply they have an AR version.
The AR wall lock is pictured, but I don't see a page for it. The shotgun wall safe looks good (aesthetically) but the AR one really hides the glorious bits. Know what I mean? It looks like a grey box with a barrel sticking out.
these have all been great, but I'm looking for minimalist. Just enough that the kids can't pull the trigger. Lol

That Blac-Rac looks GREAT. If they did an electronic passcode that would be exactly what I was thinking. As it is, if I wanted to deal with a key, it seems to me that for the price the slatwall rack/lock is the way to go. Both would look minimalist like I was thinking. I just don't want to fumble with a key when I hear someone downstairs! Ugh. Maybe put a key on a retractable keyring and put it about 8 feet up?

I watched their video and saw that Blac-Rac does have a version that accepts padlocks. Maybe get a fingerprint padlock (one I can trust). Choices, choices....

Anyway, LOTS of people have come up with an assortment of things really close to what I want. Its unreal getting the help. I appreciate everyone so far.

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