Knife Robot automatic knife sharpener

Some of you have probably seen the ad for this thing at the top of the newsletter we just sent out. Before they approached us for advertising yesterday I'd never seen anything like this before. Pretty awesome how far we've come with technology!

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I didn't recieve a news letter but after watching the video and then clicking the link to see them start at $299 all I can say is my $20 stone and leather strop I built for $5 won't ever break on me or need replacement parts and gets all my knifes razor sharp.

I like old school so my 2¢ on this one probably aren't worth what it costs to produce 2 pennies:rolleyes:

Too many things to break and need repair for my tastes but it is pretty cool for a gadget.


Could be a good thing though if you want to start a knife sharpening business for restaurants or such that don't have high value knives.
But.. (you can skip the rant and go to the blue font at the end)
Computer went dead while I was at the auto parts check out line. The manager couldn't figure out how to sell me the $4.95 part without the computer so I stood there for fifteen minutes hoping the computer would reboot soon. No such luck.
I was holding a five dollar bill and told them they could keep the nickel and just tally it later, they could even keep the packaging if they needed to scan it, I just wanted to get the job done.
Nope, the whole world shut down for them (and me) without the machine.
I had to go to another place for my part!
It is not good to turn any aspect of your life totally over to machines. Eventually, you may need to do or fend for yourself and won't be able.
If that isn't enough; (Oh boy, here we go!)
30 years ago a computer of sorts (and a dumb@ss) took life from one of my premium Sandvik cross cut saws. Normally I sharpen all my own tools excepting carbide circular saws, however I was pressed for time so sent my crowned Sandvik crosscut hand saw in for a tune up. A crowned edge on a handsaw (where normally they are flat edged) are used for things like cutting out a threshold and not the floor on either side, or starting a cut in the center of a sheet of plywood. Not used much but a wonderful thing when you need them. Supposedly a reputable and professional sharpener and claiming to understand my desires actually clamped it up to their automated saw filer. It redressed the edge flat. Because it was crowned, it removed a little over 3/16th " from my beautiful saw to make it flat then recut and set the teeth. unless you hit a nail hard normally redressing only looses 1/32 or less

My verbose point is, like the saw sharpener, this knife sharpening machine will be indiscriminant, possibly removing more metal than might have been actually necessary when just a few strops might have been needed , potentially shortening the life of your knives. (my opine)
Yeah, a lot of "bad" can happen with a knife blade and a motorized sharpener very quickly. To me, knife sharpening is an art, like wood working or something, anything that requires a certain "feel".

Like Libertas7 seven said, I'd want to see a lot of positive reviews. But even then, I don't think I'd offer up any of my knives to be sharpened by it.


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