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I assume these are made in upstate NY? Found them at a second hand gun store down in southern Oregon. Thought the handle looked interesting. Thinking about the tip. Using as a practice sharping and reshaping knife. I did a buck knife (long time ago) on a stone and reshaped the tip to look more like a shark. I like thinking of how I can reduce the sweep of the blade. Anyhow random thoughts as I learn.

Army1.jpg Army2.jpg
Nice yeah like that shape been sharpening the top side of the tip. One issue the end of the blade starts to curve up. Then I think I have to take metal off 2/3 way down to get a more aggressive profile. Pardon my lack of vocabulary. Like a stabber precise steak knife not a rocking motion to cut vegetables.
Old carbon steel kitchen knives make for excellent knives to practice sharpening and re-shaping.

If that was my mess knife...I'd leave it be...they are not made any more.
Not that it is worth a lot...or will be...just that it ain't made any more...and if it is modified..then there is one less.
I don't have a garage so no space for a belt sander. I just have one good knife that I want to shape different. Shaping metal seems fun. Anybody want to give me a lesson trade some ammo?

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