Kershaw Speedsafe legal?

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by mpperales, Apr 6, 2015.

  1. mpperales

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    I know basically everything is legal in Oregon....but I am tying to confirm if carrying a Kershaw knife with Speedsafe in the front jean pocket with clip exposed is legal...I am very confused...I called the Clackamas County Sheriff's office...and got a "yes"...and then a "no" 20 minutes later...
  2. JustShoot

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    'speed safe; is just a spring assisted opener and as carried in the front jean pocket or carried in your hand is just another tool to carry, buy, own in Oregon .

    Kershaw assisted opener's . ( i carry own a couple or them ) . Great bang for the Buck-$ on a everyday cutter & work knife . I beat the hell out of them and just get another .
    Kershaw cheep enough and strong enough build so you actually use them everyday Knife & not cry when there all ratty in year or 2 years and throw away and replace . I buy there Scissors also .
  3. 40calruler

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    Agreed. I have had mine for 5 years and love it. Carry it in my small front pocket of jeans. Never had any trouble about it. Had to sharpen only about once a year and use it daily and lots for fishing.
  4. Nick Burkhardt

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    BiMart sells them in Oregon.
  5. Koda

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    The police are actually not a great source for interpreting legal advice.

    The Oregon law regarding knives is ORS 166.240

    If it swings open by spring force its illegal to carry concealed. What I dont know is if its concealed if the clip is exposed.
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  6. Mark W.

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    If you want the answer most likely to come up in court Bernie Levine in Eugene would be the end all to what would happen in court on this matter as he is the knife expert in the state and gets called to be an expert witness all the time.

    His web site is:

    And to cut to the chase for $5.00 go here:
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  7. Hawaiian

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    First, you can carry an auto knife or switchblade in Oregon as long as it is not concealed.
    A Multnomah County Judge ruled that a regular folding pocket knife that could be wrist flicked open is considered a knife that can be opened by centrifugal force was prohibited from being carried concealed and that the exposed pocket clip did not overcome the concealment requirement as it could have been any of a number of items clipped in the defendants pocket. NOW, the case involved a protester that challenged the police and they charged him with everything they could. And it was a Multnomah County Judge. Poor kid also had a public defender.

    Thousands of people carry the Kershaw assisted opening knives and very few have ever had a problem. In a few other states where someone was charged, Kershaw had their attorney's intervene and assist in the persons defense.

    If I try hard enough, I can wrist flick open most modern folding knives. The solution is to not become involved with the police to begin with and if you are, don't give them a hard time. It is called self preservation.
  8. gunfreak

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    I have a Kershaw spring assisted that I've been carrying for a while and just ordered a Kershaw Launch from a local shop. It's there first auto in a few years. It will be my new EDC knife.
  9. The Heretic

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    From what I have read the main area of concern I would have would be within the Portland city limits as IIRC they have a law that relates to this specifically.

    Unfortunately I work within those city limits.

    I think the law doubles down if it is a "dagger".
  10. RicInOR

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    When I goto work I carry a tool. One which I used today to recycle a number of cardboard boxes.
    One of which when I "used the ordinary thumb stud" and a flick of the wrist Snick's open.

    The distance from tool to weapon is greater than from knife to weapon. Since my team-mate coworkers know I carry, they also know to never, ever ask for anything other than a tool. As far as any authority might be concerned - it is an Ordinary pocket knife - 166.360 (Definitions for ORS 166.360 to 166.380) 5 (b)

    I did buy for our area a multi-tool and a box cutter - which for some strange reason doesn't seem to upset the admin types as much - even though my experience teaches those box cutters are treated carelessly too often.
  11. U201491

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    All the dumb answers..........................

    Why to avoid Little Pyongyang

    And in Portland specifically they do and might arrest you just for having a blade of over the max length 2.5", so make sure you DO NOT take one in with you by accident. I know first hand the intimidation that will ensue.
    Don't risk it, and if you can. Just conduct ALL business out of that mentally ill ridden city.
    I went through it just going to a map store that was in the same building.

    1) the law (18 USC sec. 930) prohibits carrying firearms and other dangerous weapons into a Federal building;
    2) that same law specifically states that the term "dangerous weapon" does not include a pocket knife with a blade of less than 2 1/2 inches in length;
    3) security may tell you that you can't bring any knife into the building, regardless of the law;
    4) if the Federal building houses any Federal courts, #3 is a dead certainty.
  12. deen_ad

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    <- Why there aren't any school shootings in Israel!
    Teacher with long gun slung over her shoulder!!!
    I bought a Gerber assisted opening knife in Vancouver at a BiMart. Totally illegal to sell or own unless you're a first responder in WA. Guess BiMart doesn't know that.

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  13. BaggerRyder

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    The Kershaw speedsafe knives are not considered to be spring blade or switch blade knives because of the force that it takes to open them (bias towards closed)
    I'm sure a worn out or loose assisted opener can be opened by centrifugal force, but when adjusted properly you have to overcome the pressure that the torsion bar puts on the blade to keep the knife closed, in order for the blade to open. That blade will stay closed, unless you apply enough pressure to overcome the bias to the closed blade.
    I interpret part 2 below to mean that an assisted opening knife like a Kershaw speed safe, to be legal to own, carry, and sell in WA state as long as it falls with in the parameters of part 2 below, which they do, and doesn't exceed the maximum blade length. However I can be interpreting that information incorrectly and be breaking the law everyday as I have many Kershaw assisted openers and do carry one as an everyday tool.

    RCW 9.41.250
    Dangerous weapons—Penalty.
    (1) Every person who:
    (a) Manufactures, sells, or disposes of or possesses any instrument or weapon of the kind usually known as slung shot, sand club, or metal knuckles, or spring blade knife;
    (b) Furtively carries with intent to conceal any dagger, dirk, pistol, or other dangerous weapon; or
    (c) Uses any contrivance or device for suppressing the noise of any firearm unless the suppressor is legally registered and possessed in accordance with federal law,
    is guilty of a gross misdemeanor punishable under chapter 9A.20 RCW.
    (2) "Spring blade knife" means any knife, including a prototype, model, or other sample, with a blade that is automatically released by a spring mechanism or other mechanical device, or any knife having a blade which opens, or falls, or is ejected into position by the force of gravity, or by an outward, downward, or centrifugal thrust or movement. A knife that contains a spring, detent, or other mechanism designed to create a bias toward closure of the blade and that requires physical exertion applied to the blade by hand, wrist, or arm to overcome the bias toward closure to assist in opening the knife is not a spring blade knife.
  14. Partsproduction

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    I live out in the country, and love my Mikov automatics, out here would I be legal carrying one in a see through plastic sheath? If I happened to put in with the lever inside where it wouldn't show would I then be subject to legal problems? How would the average citizen opposing self defense know an automatic from a Buck knife anyway? If they ask me they may not like what I tell them.

    All my automatics stay in their cases because of my limited understanding of the law, I'd love to carry one daily.
  15. U201491

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    We used to carry HK razor sharp automatics for one handed operation with the crevasse rescue equitpment. They could be opened with one hand and cut a rope rapidly if needed to keep us from dragging those on top over the edge if it ever became necessary. Fortunately they did not get put to use.
    We would carry them today if we needed to or if it ever comes to a shtf day, But then I would prefer the Randall#1. The HK is a toy in comparison. But automatics do have their use. Also my BIL carried an auto, as he only had one arm. Again they have their place.

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