Just got my new holster, What do you think, will the kydex cause any scratching?

Discussion in 'Defensive Carry & Self Defense' started by mikeepson, Apr 2, 2018.

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    Break-in is also wonderfully easy with kydex. Adjust the tension screw to your liking...you're done. I've got a Milt Sparks leather holster that I've done about 500 presentations with and it's still not broken in. Who has time for that? Super nice holster though.
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    Hey that's my Holster. I own HolsterHQ. Glad you like! You will see some wear at the contact points, but it will protect your weapon far better than leather ever could. One thing I recommend is adding a light coating of lubricate after you wash it. That way it will continue to slide just like when its new. After the holsters are made we put a light coating of silicone lubricant before we send them out. As far as it being mass produced, not a chance. These are hand made and pressed not extruded. Your getting as custom of a fit as if I would have if I formed it around your own gun. Watch for our new products coming soon athttps://www.holsterhq.com/holster-hq-products-kydex-iwb-owb-tactical-bags-gun-cloth/ I may be running some special discounts just for northwestfirearms members, still looking in to ads with them. Hey JustsomeGuy I live next to your home town!
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    I couldn't care less if my holster wears on my pistol(s). It means I've been actually using them instead of keeping them as safe queens.
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