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    then I will. There is not a lot to know about me other than what I put on the profile, if anyone is interested and I can't imagine why they should be.

    I am sinister only in that sense of the word which means left or "on/to the left" from thLatinin "sinst"r meaning--guess what? Yes! left. For those not interested in dead languages, but in cartoons, I might mention that this definition of the word will explain why the old cartoovillainan Simon Bar Sinister was noJewishsh. Bar sinister was heraldicic term indicating that there was a vertical stripe or "bar" on the left of the escutcheon or coat of arms belonging to a knight ofamilyly. Interesting stuff, no? No! Well no one reads these things anyway and/or if they do, they might deserve to be bored by this kind of exposition.

    What else? Let's see....Oh ok. I am not a friend to the reds or the blues and in fact might reasonably be called an enemy of both since I consider all politicians and leaders of organized superstitions to be nothing more than officious malicious busybodies who want to tell the rest of us how to live.The more fanatic they are-- the more intolerant and vicious they become--not part of the "American Dream" at all.

    I find it ironic that in these latter days that people who now call themselves republicans will allow themselves to be called the reds--Barry Goldwater is spinning, spinning, spinning...........and not for that alone...........I am an NRA member in good standing despite the fact that I strongly disagree--and have for years--that a zero tolerance policy of change Americanerican stance on any issue including gun show loopholes and hi cap magazines and such--this is lately in the news--again--nothing is new under the sun, I guess............so--end of rant.
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    Is it me or are you off your nut?!

    Hi!! How are ya!!
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    Welcome to Earth.

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