I Think Defensive Visualizations Help!

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by longcolt, Mar 1, 2010.

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    I have a formed the habit when going into a restaurant, bar or other place of business of thinking how I would react if a shooter came in and started firing.

    I visualize how it would play out and try to plan how I would react to the event. I position my back to a wall and attempt to keep an eye on the door and bar area. I have never been paranoid but I try to give myself every advantage that I can. After 50 it become harder to run and dive over the bar to protect ones self so I try to stay focused on a response that I stand a chance of pulling off.

    No one really has a clue how they would react if panic and fear kicks in but I do think that the more you play out scenarios in your head the greater your chance for survival.

    Do you do the same??
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    Yes, first I spot the largest waitress in the place to use as a human shield, and work out elaborate schemes where I attach two whipped cream cans to a banana pie launching this at the perp while I roll a bowling ball over a cats tail who 'yeowwwlllls' into a megaphone breaking the thin paper diaphram that releases the acme ten ton weight that just happens to be suspended over the perp! Then I use any remaining time planning my heroic speech to the media where I'm very humble, thank all the little people.
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    Wow. Bugeye either has way too much time on his hands or he's warming up for his 4/20 performance next month:D

    In serious response to the thread... Yes I do. I don't necessarily play different scenarios out but I do try to take in my surroundings noting where exit/entrances are and try to keep them in view. I think it's a wise thing to do. Situational awareness and preparedness it should be called. I would consider this quasi mental training perhaps.

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