How good are the newer Remington 7400's?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by Gunner3456, May 21, 2010.

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    I've heard the 7400's called "jam-O-matics" and then I've heard they are really good. I've heard you have to keep the gas port clean, and also remove the front stock to lubricate (which doesn't concern me at all.)

    I have a chance to trade for one in 30-06 but I don't want a lemon. It's a couple of years old with a synthetic stock in nice condition. I think they are under $500 new.

    One good thing if they work well is that you can buy 10 round mags for them for everything but hunting. Does anyone know if they work well?

    How far off am I in my assessment, which comes from no real knowledge?

  2. eldbillbo

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    well it depends

    my dad before he passed away had a 742 the previous version of the 7400 which put a lot of meat on the table
    never ever jammed and was pretty accurate for a semi

    i owned a 7400 once but only for a short time it was surprisingly accurate and never jammed but it was like new and i only put 10 rds through it

    my brother owns a 7400 and again surprisingly accurate even through some reviews say other wise but it is a jamomatic he stopped hunting and shooting since fee hunting became so popular and most of the hepner unit that we used to hunt has become so leased up by the wannabe hunters so it has not been taken out for over 10 years now so i have not had a chance to see what the actual issue is.
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    I bought a 750 synthetic not too long ago. Initially I had problems with it feeding. After some dinking around with it, I realized it was only the rounds coming from the left side of the mag that were jamming. I bent the lip of the mag a little and it has been flawless for 100 rounds or so and surprisingly accurate :)

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