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How do I create or start a thread and add pics?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by billyinfinity, Apr 8, 2014.

  1. billyinfinity

    billyinfinity Portland All pie, all the time. Platinum Supporter 2015 Volunteer

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    This will explain how to start a thread. For the example I have a for sale thread in one of the classifieds sections.

    Open whichever section you would like to start your thread in. I have chosen "Handgun Classifieds" for my example. Click on the button that says "POST NEW THREAD"

    When your "Create Thread" page opens, you will see a box that says "Thread Title..." Click your cursor in that box and type whatever you'd like your title to be. As you will see in the next example, I chose "S&W Full Auto Potato Cannon".
    thread title.jpg

    If this thread is going to be a classified ad, like my example is, you can also add a prefix by clicking your cursor on the little drop down menu that says "(No prefix)" next to your title. Select the appropriate prefix. I chose "FREE OR:" for my potato cannon.
    thread prefix.jpg

    In the lasrge box in the center, type whatever you want to discuss. Since this is a for sale ad, I typed a price ($0.00 because it's free), and some information about the gun. When you have finished typing, you can click "CREATE THREAD" to post your thread or ad. If you want to add pics first you may also do that by clicking on "UPLOAD A FILE"
    thread body and options.jpg

    A box will pop up for you to choose a picture file from your computer. Find and select whichever pic you want to post and upload it. Once it has uploaded you have the option of making it a small thumbnail by clicking "THUMBNAIL", you can make it a large picture in the thread by clicking "FULL IMAGE", or you can delete it by clicking "DELETE"
    upload photo.jpg
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  2. cmica

    cmica puy Active Member

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  3. Kruejl

    Kruejl Hillsboro Moderator of the Coriolis effect Staff Member Gold Supporter

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    You're posts are very helpful. Cough, sticky, cough.
  4. kenboy

    kenboy salem, oregon GOD BLESS AMERICA Bronze Supporter

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    Now if I can just figure out how to operate my flip phone......