Honey-Do lists and ER visits


Our 2 year old Samsung front load dryer decided to quit drying my clothes this evening.

Upon disassembly and taking the front panel off to access the heater element I had to unplug a connection. I pulled and pulled and I couldn't get it to unplug so I set it off to the side. It got in the way so I decided to use my left hand and push the connector off of the light switch.


Connector came off alrighty..

Heater element is $16 shipped via Amazon which isn't bad.

What sucks is that when the connector came off and my left hand went across my body the curled edge of the sheet metal that is the front panel decided to fillet my thumb.

I hid the images behind the SPOILER tag because if you wanted to read the humor of the story but not get the photos I'll save you from it.

At the house right after it happened.

IMG_1849.JPG IMG_1850.JPG


So my $16 part now cost me a hospital deductible, hospital ER visit (urgent care was closed) and I still had to pay for the part.

Since Healthcare in the nation under the ACA has gone wild I won't post exactly what the dryer fix has cost me already but I could have saved money hiring a repair man.

Now I have 5 stitches to keep the right side of my left thumb attached until the skin grafts it's self back to the rest of the thumb.

So next time I'll just cut the bubbleguming wires.

All because I wanted to fix it myself....

Storytime at the ER said:
Now here is an interesting story while I was in the ER. There was a 19 year old kid who had taken mushrooms and was tripping out pretty good on the other side of the curtain. The doctor was clear that he tell them what he was taking or they were going to insert a catheter "INTO YOUR PENIS AND IT WON'T FEEL GOOD" so you need to focus... lol.

I heard the nurse say "well, let's get this done... oh, I see you are already ready for me.." I was trying NOT to laugh because the entire staff in the ER was being so comical about it. T

he 19 year old had a spit guard on, was cuffed to the bed because he was being violent and had an fascination with "blue and yellow" at that time. The Doctor was saying "I can't wait for your parents to get here so I can tell them all of the joyous things you are saying and they can know what you are doing.. Oh you are 16?" The kid replied after a few minutes "I am 19.." Doctor says back "Oh, so that's great, so YOU get to know how much your own ER visit is costing you, welcome to adulthood.."

At one point the Doctor tells the nurse which was an attractive lady "So isn't this how you like to meet your new boyfriends?"

The drugged up kid was all "Oh you are my boyfriend.."

"No I'm a woman, I cannot be your boyfriend" she lets him know. "You aren't my type, I don't like them handcuffed to a bed and taking mushrooms.." It was pure genius and I wish I had two hands to type everything down as it happened.

Who else has those dumbass fix it yourself stories where a "Honey-Do" list sent you to the ER/Urgent Care? I can't be the only one. Please if you do post any stories, hide any photos behind a
 [spoiler] [/spoiler]
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Ha! I was helping a buddy hang some new window coverings. I couldn't get the end cap on the C-shaped metal rods. So this genius thought it was a good idea to put one on one end and then smack it on a block of wood on the ground to seat the end cap. Didn't put much thought into the fact that the raw metal end was in my right palm. A good whack on the wood block didn't seem to work. So I held it with my left hand and the raw end in my right palm and slammed it down on the wood block. 8 stitches later and I was good to go! :p


Fix it yourself, not yet, though definitely some injuries.

ER visits included:

* Dropped a very large/heavy transformer cover (a big piece of vented sheet metal) on my foot, broke my toe - quite painful

* Working in an electrical box, up in a ceiling on an 8 foot ladder. Working on a dead circuit, took a large wirenut off a bundle of neutrals and got nailed with a back-fed neutral from another circuit in another room - got nailed with 277v, yanked my hand back and up into a dangling ceiling wire, which went through my hand, which caused me to pull the other way, ripping through the skin and opening up a large wound

Not work or repair:

* Hit in the face with a golf ball hit off a tee with a 3 iron - knocked four teeth straight back (not out) and opened a huge gash in my lower lip.

Glad to hear you're okay, I feel for you. Just know you're in good company.
I think you guy's are doing great.
And don't feel bad and start second guessing yourself.

You should be proud.
Your saving money. And both you and your family benefit from your abilities.

If anything do more stuff! That's how we learn.
Just put a little more thought into safety. ;)

Or like my Dad would say. ''Slow down. I'm in a hurry''. :D

And yes. I have all kinds of scars. all over my body from fixing stuff.
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You guys have me (this is an old aol term I just now remembered) roflmao. I have sympathy for all of you and your injuries, (my bubblegum):p. It is a noble journey you have embarked upon:s0004:. I too was there after try to split kindling for a fire (the only heat we had back then) with a butcher knife. Their was a distinct change in the sound of the knife splitting the wood to the whack that went nearly all the way through my left first finger. Knowing her, I said honey, can you hand me a towel and please go start the car? I did not know that nearly severed fingers could spew blood in sync with heartbeats until I got to kadlec er. Oh, and as for the appliances, I hesitate no more, out comes the plastic. To dangerous!!!:s0104:


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