Henry Lever Action 22 Disassembly, Cleaning and Reassembly

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    As it turns out, the best disassembly and re-assembly videos are by Henry Repeating Arms themselves, I tried 'hacking the gibson' for this one, as despite using a nice Vimeo video, they have it tied down/restricted and displayed poorly on their site, however they also set everything private and even hacking the embed code wouldn't work.


    That's the link for their info, including a few more videos, however, as they're being an bubblegum about this, welcome to more gibson hacking and enjoy these versions of them that somehow ended up on youtube....

    Henry Lever Action 22 Disassembly

    Henry Lever Action 22 Clean and Lube

    Henry Lever Action 22 Reassembly

    For reference, here is the best user video i found.
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