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I'm thinking of buying one to use on the dirtbike. Don't want to spend too much for the first one, maybe under $200 ? What have you used ? Pro's ? Con's ? Any tips would be great ! Thanks :s0155:
In the mid-low tier there are two standout options. The ContourHD and the GoProHD... Both will be a bit more than $200.

I've tried both and give a slight edge to the ContourHD for image quality and form factor, but the GoPro is awesome for the crap you can put it through without breaking (moisture, impact, etc)
Presonally, and I have tried a lot of different cams, but IMO Gopro hands down! The standard wide is pretty good, but eats batteries. The HD is awesome and comes withe a rechargeable battery and takes SD memory cards up to 32GB. A lot of our Sandrail group uses them and they can take a lot of abuse. Here are some of my vids at the dunes with the HD.

HD Videos

RZR Dune Run on Vimeo

Spinreel Dunes Spring Break on Vimeo

Gopro Wide Standard Videos

Spinreel Run on Vimeo

This videos shows how tough they are as I had one mounted on the bottom of the rail frame and at 3:34 and 4:24 minutes into the video the camera take a couple of had hits and it doesnt even phase it.

Colosseum Run at the Bash of 09 on Vimeo
I have the GoPro non-HD and it works fine. I don't actually use it anymore since I decided I'm too old and slow to race.:(

If you want a used one I'm going to be selling it for $75.
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