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Glock...something big is coming

An AR offering would seem curious considering the market is completely flooded with options. On the other hand, since they would be Glock marked, they'd probably move. I seriously doubt it is in the works, but a pistol caliber carbine (PCC) would be quite corking.


Reading around a few different places, the speculation is hilarious.

Favorite ones thus far that make sense is something in 10mm, hence all the 10 references. 10am on the 10th...

Another that made sense was their rotating barrel model, as that would be different, but still boring.

I will poop myself, and owe a few people money, if they actually release a carbine. I kid you not, more speculating for a carbine is on the web than anything else.

I just don’t see them ever making one.
.38 Glock Super Automatic? It's a .38 Super length case, but straight walled like a 10mm or .40 - and uses a different size primer than the .38 Super. :rolleyes:
Zero chance, but I'd be the first in line to buy one, for the gonzo situation, even if the plastic-fantastic aspect was yawn inducing. :s0155:
It's gonna be so dissapointing if it's a clothing line or camp gear!
Yes, yes it will. Frankly, if it isn't completely over the top gonzo, I couldn't care less. And, while Glock puts out a damn fine pistol, they have a track record of boring announcements. Not that is a bad business plan, far from it, and completely understandable; it is just us wacky types crave pushing it to the limit, and then some. :D


Everytime I check their website, there is an outdoor theme to their big announcement banner. Whatever it is, might be related to outdoor recreation.....
.38 Glock Super Automatic? It's a .38 Super length case, but straight walled like a 10mm or .40 - and uses a different size primer than the .38 Super.
Made from a cut down .223 case.

Quick comment on Glock reliability:
I was once told I couldn't use my Steyr S9 in an instruction course b/c the glorious leader insisted that I actually use the safety. I don't have the finger strength to push up so had to borrow an equivalent Glock, which is exactly like the Steyr without using the safety. I had/have never had a malf with the S9, but couldn't get thru a full mag with the Glock with a stoppage. The Glock worked just fine for it's own person.
Everybody is headed in the wrong direction. Glock is going to release their version of the "toilet seat".
It will have handles with a slightly canted grip angle, but it will be ok because it will be stippled so you don't slide off
With serrated paper :s0151:
And your dog will chew on it. :D

Don't be dissapointed fellows I figured it out! It got leaked early! Glockffe cup! Well good guesses everyone case closed

View attachment 638907;)
GloCovfefe cup. :)


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