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Debated this for a while, and with owning a farm, I don't see myself reloading all that much anymore. I've made myself some ammo, recently and my heart just isn't in it anymore.
With that stated, I have decided to post my entire setup for sale.
Please note, I want to sell this as a lot.
I'll keep it up for a week, and if I don't have any takers, then I will consider parting out. I will be posting this on multiple Sites though, so everything is on a first come first serve basis.
I have done business with many people on here (primarily reloaders), so hope they will vouch for how I care for things.
Price for everything is $4800.

Here is what I have:
Hornady LNL-AP Progressive press with case feeder

Add ons:
Dreamworx pyrex glass (medium size, larger than normal plastic tube)
Inline Fabrication LED Skylight; ergo roller lever; double bullet tray system
Case feeder plates: small pistol; large pistol; small rifle
3D printed cam wire guide
Hornady Micrometer on powder dispenser (small pistol installed)
Press comes with small and large powder drums, and small and large primer sleds. Also has All the stock parts that originally came with the system.
Hornady shellplates:6, 8, 10, 16, and 45
15 die bushings

Forster Co-Ax
Add ons:
Inline fabrication short roller lever; increased access side linkage; dual LED shell plate; also includes shell holder adapter plate

RCBS Single stage press
Used this as my swaging station. Will throw in the CH4D Swaging dies. I do not have any accessories for this press. What you see is what you get.

Hornady Lock-n-load auto charge powder manager

Hornady Powder measure with stand and micrometer installed; also has Dreamworx pyrex glass

Rcbs auto priming tool
RCBS 5-10 Scale
Lee Bench plate (for quick press change out; think all the hardware is there, and will need to replace one of the pieces of wood as I made some cuts to use it) - $15
Hornady powder trickler
RCBS Case lube and pad; chamfer/deburring tool; brush
RCBS Primer Tray
Electronic jeweler scale
RCBS Bullet Puller (has all adapters)
Frankford Arsenal Quick n-ez Case Tumbler (comes with used media, and about 2 lbs of fresh walnut media in a bag)
Lee Decapping dies (3 available)
RCBS Universal Reloading Blocks (3 available)

PRIMERS (I'll double check counts, though should be accurate)
CCI Small pistol primers (500) - 1300
CCI Small pistol primers magnum (550) - 300
Winchester small pistol primers - 1000

CCI Large Pistol Primers (300) - 1700 (300 of them are older; still fired fine when I used them)
Sellier and Bellot Large Pistol primer - 600
Remington Large Pistol primer - 500

CCI Large Pistol primer Magnum - 1200 (older)
Federal Large Pistol Primers Magnum - 200

Winchester Large Rifle primers - 200
CCI Large Rifle Primers - 600 (500 older version)
Federal Large Rifle Primer - 500 (400 older)

Federal Large Rifle Primer Magnum - 100 (older)
CCI Large Rifle Primers Magnum - 300 (older)

CCI Magnum Small Rifle primers - 700

CCI Small Rifle Primers - 200
Winchester Small Rifle primers - 200
Remington Small Rifle Primers - 500

IMR 3031 – 1lb
Dupont IMR4831 (older; still smells of chemical; last used about a year ago) – 1lb
Dupont SR-4756 (older; still smells of chemical; last used about a year ago) – .5 lb
Dupont SR-7625 (older; still smells of chemical; last used about a year ago) – .25 lb
H4831 – .75 lb
H5010 (older; still smells of chemical) – 1lb
Varget – .75 lb
Benchmark – .5 lb
Lil’Gun – 1lb
IMR4350 – .75 lb
CFE223 – 1 lb
Reloader22 – .75 lb

RCBS 7MM Remington Mag
RCBS 7MM Benchrest Remington
RCBS 30-30 Winchester
RCBS Small Base 223
RCBS 300 AAC Blackout
RCBS 30-06
RCBS 308 Winchester
RCBS 25-35
RCBS 40 S&W (with Lee Bulge Buster and 4th Lee die)
Redding 223 Remington Seater Die
Hornady 45 Colt
Lee 4-die set: 38 SP/357 Mag
Mix 45 ACP (4 dies made up of Hornady and Lee; resizing die has microseat adjuster)
Mix 9mm (4 dies made up of Hornady and Lee)
Lee 380
Bonanza 44 S&W/Mag (steel)
Bonanza 22-250
Bonanza 38 SP/357 Mag (Steel)
Bonanza 7MM Remington Magnum Benchrest
Herters 264 Win Mag
Herters 264 Win Mag Case Gage
L.E. Wilson 25-35 Case Gage
L.E. Wilson 40 S&W Case Gage (No box)

30 Cal
Barnes 30370 168gr TTSX Boat tail (49 count)
Remington 180 gr PSP (37 count)
Sierra 200gr Match King (100 count)
(I believe Remington) 220gr round nose (53 count)
Sierra 2110 110gr Hollow Point (100 count)
Hornady 3076 200gr ELD-X (200 count)

223 Cal
Winchester 2253H 53gr Hollow Points (174 count)
Sierra 1400 Bench Rest 53gr Hollow Point (97 count)
Nosler 16339 55gr spitzer (50 count)

356 Cal (9mm)
Berry’s 19355 115gr round nose (2 boxes of 250 count; 500 total)

.452 cal (45)
Berry’s 00216 230gr Round Nose (500 ct)

500 pieces of brass for 556
500 pieces of brass of 9mm
500 pieces of brass for 45 ACP
100 pieces of brass for 308
100 pieces of brass for 300 BO

for sale.jpg 22cal.jpg 30cal.jpg 38.357 dies.jpg 40sw dies.jpg 45acp.jpg ap1.jpg ap2.jpg ap3.jpg ap4.jpg ap5.jpg ap6.jpg ap7.jpg ap8.jpg ap9.jpg auto primer.jpg coax1.jpg coax2.jpg coax3.jpg coax4.jpg coax5.jpg decapping die.jpg Dies.jpg lpp.jpg lppm.jpg lrp lrpm.jpg misc items.jpg powder throw.jpg powder.jpg priming 2.jpg rcbs1.jpg rcbs2.jpg spp.jpg srp.jpg srpm.jpg
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Dr Prepper

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A disturbance in the Force I sense young padawan.

Regret in your future I see!
Yeah its a nice setup, and decent price. Im sure someone will buy it just for the powder and primers these days and part out the rest.

Yeah.. Dont do it.. Id sleep on it for a week or so.
Otherwise GLWS
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