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So yesterday was pretty eventful. We were walking up a wooded hill side and came to a giant stump. I went around it on the downhill side and my son went up hill. When he got up next to the stump there was a monster 5x5 looking at him at 40 yards, and two other elk jumped from the brush at 10 yards on either side of him. He and that bull had about a 5 minute stare down while he tried to find a shot through the trees, then they trotted off which when I finally got a glimpse of him. :eek::eek::eek: YYYUUUUUGE. I saw them head up the hill then cut across, then I tracked their sound for about 200 yards. Since they did not seem too awfully spooked, we made a plan to go the rest of the way up to the road on top then try to get ahead of them. We get to the top, head in the direction that I last heard them and run right into a "No Hunting" sign. You know the one, that dreaded private property thing.

Lots to learn from this encounter, but we're getting closer. Lol
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