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My German Shedder/Malamute mix.

IMG_20170622_193728_edit mac flag.jpg
Our sable coat grand dog. She is 4 years old now. The TV is behind her and her favorite show is Live PD. She will sit there and watch the dogs on it and if they get wracked up so does she. She is protection trained and knows about 20 voice commands. Loves kids. Nervous shi*bags not so much.

I tracked a sh*tbag with her almost a mile that broke into my shop when she was about 2 years old. Very intelligent dog. She stays with us a couple weekends per month and some week days. Can't leave the alarm on because her tail sets off the motion sensor. But with her in the house,no alarm needed.

Anyone ver got their German Shepherd trained. I’m not looking for $10,000 security training. More training with me and the dog. Nothing real expensive. I want him to sit and stay. Learn a few attack and be on alert moves.
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