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First Aid Kits

I have a red cross kit for at home, ifak in my shooting gear. Two M3 medical bags that go in the cars on trips and a first aid kit in my emergency bag in my car. I carry a epipen with me at all times (yay) and my favorite bag is my M5 bag

20190401_095404.jpg 20190401_095550.jpg
Does all the "advanced" stuff for in the same bag?
Yes, you can view the load out for the advanced supplies bag on the website. It costs $1250 for everything or $1000 for just the supplies. I used their list to buy the supplies for a fraction of their cost and a few extras. However, I need to order the bag. Given that I did the same for the car bag with a few extras, I would assume it works for the larger home bag.


That thing is a beast!

Since this thread started, and got me thinking, I have upped my game.

I build a tear away IFAK using the CTS STOMP pouch with CAT, chest seals, QC, etc for my "battle belt" aka range rig.

I bought 2x of the NAR special vacumme sealed bags and stashed one in each vehicle with some extra goodies.

I revisited my personal backpacking/backpack/work/EDC kit, and added some stuff, and removed some scrappy stuff.

I refreshed myself on how to use the CAT and showed the wife.

I placed a $60 order on LAPG for some better Israeli bandages, shears, and burn dressing/cravats.

I like to keep my IFAKs in good dry bags to keep them dry and sterile since it rains all the time here! The STOMP pouch is the only exception.

Wow. Someone liked this comment and I re-read a bit of this thread.

I have done more research, and I am close to where i wanted to be, but it took me a year or so!

Lessons learned:

Don't overpack your IFAK. Keep just the essentials you know how to use.

Keep it close and accessible.

Keep it seperate from your boo-boo kit.

All the critical IFAK componets can get wet as long because they are sealed in plastic as they are allowed to dry out between trips they will be fine.

Actions taken since this post:

Ripped apart the tear away pouch and deleted extra items to slim it down. So its not obtrusive and I am likely to keep it accessible. I moved it from my belt to my plate carrier because that is the first thing I am going to put on in a home defense scenario.

Bought a spiritus systems fanny sack and turned it into an IFAK. With an internal organizer. It will be my "first line" med kit when I am wearing my gun belt. It is also going to be worn when hiking/fishing/running etc.

I bought a dark angel ankle IFAK. However I am still working on what I can fit there and be comfortable. I think I can fit a CAT, 4 yard Z fold hemostatic gauze, and a 4" mini flatpack pressure dressing.

I removed all the israeli bandages and other large complex bandages and I am only carrying the NAR 4" flatpack or flatpack mini.

I added 1 TQ to my plate carrier, + 1 on tear away pouch, and 2 on the fanny sack for a total of 4.

I still have a $300 order to complete at NAR today to re-equip the Car and my ankle kit.

An ideal kit for me (different for every person) is as follows:

2x CAT TQ easily accesible.
1 large black sharpie
2x Z fold hemostatic gause 4 yards
1x 4" NAR flatpack ETD
2x pair thick nitrile gloves at the top of the kit
Trauma shears
Small roll surgical tape
Small roll gorilla tape
Small emergency blanket

If gun shots are a possibility:
Add 1x twin pack chest seal

If space allows;

Large triangular bandage/burn dressing from NAR can be used for lots of things.

In the CAR kit, I added 2x 6" NAR ETDs.

I don't have enough service to upload pics but I will later.
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Good work ordering the CATs. Use their included one as a backup.

I would replace or supplement the clotting powder with quickclot hemostatic z fold gauss.
I looked at SO many IFAK's, and could not decide. Many of them I liked the bag, and not so much the contents.
I also considered buying a pouch and building my own.
That's when I said to heck with it, and bought the two CATs, and was going to build one up, I swear, it's like building an AR, or could be!!
Then I said fark it, buy a Kit. Add more to it as necessary. This one covers more trauma and life threatening. This is what we (I, eye, AYE) need to have on board.
I can deal with a Boo-Boo.


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