1. L

    First Aid Study Material

    I've noticed that some shooters are better trained/well-read on first aid than others. Some folks EDC a tourniquet, whereas my expertise is at band-aid level. What are some good study materials for a quick introduction to the subject? Thanks!
  2. M

    Emergency First Aid For Gunshot Wounds Training (Bothell, WA)

    The registration link is https://texaslawshield.secure.force.com/pmtx/evt__quickevent?cancelled_pid=a2b6e000002z6moAAA&id=a2z6e00000bIfK2AAK&lang=en_US I've found the "uslawshield.com/firstaidevents" link just takes you to the general website.
  3. Trapdoor45-70

    First Aid kit Item: New Skin Liquid bandage

    I wanted to share my recent experience with this item in case others might be interested in adding it to a First Aid Kit (FAK). I added this product to my FAK several years ago but had not had a need to use it until now. After testing the sharpness of a knife by slicing the tip of a finger...
  4. Ghoul

    Field health, skin infections

    Theres alot of reasons you can have diminished fine motor skills in your hands while in the field. I once got a pimple on the inside of my ear canal that was causing swelling and impedeing my hearing, [email protected] painfull and getting worse, I couldnt reach my fingers in there and successfully...
  5. JedB

    First aid kits

    Hi All, I figured this was the best place to post. I'm looking at compiling and updating my first aid kits, based on a couple of different criteria. What would you include for the following kit types: 1) The At Home, have everything in one place kit . 2) The in car, what's required as a bare...
  6. I

    Intro to Emergency Trauma Care - Sherwood, OR

    I've not seen this posted previously so I thought it might be of interest to some. I'm not affiliated with TD other than having taken several of their classes. Where: Threat Dynamics - Sherwood, OR Next Session: Saturday, Jan. 19th 9a-2p Sessions have been getting scheduled every other month...
  7. tallfoo

    First Aid Kits

    I found myself moving around my primary first aid kit when I go hunting/hiking (moving between car, GHB, hiking backpack, and hunting daypack). Then I decided to do something about it. I was able to make another first aid kit just from what I already had in my home. I wasnt looking forward to...
  8. S

    First Aid Cert in Vancouver area???

    Hey all Looking for a basic First Aid/CPR certification course in the Vancouver area. Not looking for anything other than basic stuff with some CPR. Ive seen a few, but seem pretty high priced. Any suggestions? How much is an appropriate cost for 1st Aid certification? There will be three...
  9. EPS

    CPR first aid training

    So today was a very nice day up here in Washington so guess what I spent the whole day doing .lol 9 to 5 all day today med class first aid training and CPR class
  10. cowboykid8

    First Aid or Tac Med classes

    Looking for any reviews for First Aid or Tac Med classes, trainers or companies. Specifically looking for hands on training of tourniquets, bullet wounds, knife wounds, puncture wounds, patient stabilization, and probably more information that i don't even know about. I haven't found any...
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