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Always found it useful to search and filter for closed listings, so I could research what things have recently sold for when setting prices on something I want to sell.

Very useful actually, maybe it's still there but I'm not seeing it, maybe this was removed with intent?

Hope not, loved using that.
Hmm, I'm seeing it. And I agree, it's one of the most useful features of the classifieds!



Ok, so it's there, kinda.

Here's what I was able to figure out, hope it helps Joe.

If I click on the filter, I do see the ad status option, BUT if I unput anything into the filter, that option goes away and my input is lost.

Action order:

Click into parts and acc. classifieds
Click filter
Set status to "locked"
Results refresh, Ad status option is no longer in the filter menu, but results show locked threads (no other search input or keywords entered)

If you enter anything into the keyword box, the status filter goes away and if you had selected "locked" it doesn't apply to the results.
Found the issue :)

As you said, when you apply a filter (any filter) it automatically defaults to "open", as you can see on the filter bar Active Filter list. The problem is that the input box then disappears, requiring you to clear all filters to see the input box again.

Added it to the list :s0155:
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