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Just as the title says ...
Post your favorite Christmas songs or music.

For me its....

Silent Night...
Beautiful song which brings back memories.
One of which was hauntingly moving.

We were manning a check point at the entrance to a village in Bosnia , it was Christmas eve.
Very dark...cold , alone and far from home that night

Movement coming up the road from the village...a small light from a candle is seen.
One sentry cries out:
Halt Who goes there ? is answered by a girls name.
The command : Advance to be recognized was then given.
The girl does so....when in full view of us...she sings Silent Night...then walks back to the village.

Admittedly it was difficult to keep aware and keep watch ...
However risky it was to us and the was a beautiful moment , in an otherwise ugly point in time.

Jimi Hendrix and Little Drummer Boy is an excellent rock version of this song.

Speaking of rock...
While Chuck Berry can't be beat with Run Rudolph Run...
The Brian Setzer Orchestra's cover of this is outstanding.
@Andy54Hawken Thanks for sharing, it's always interesting. We were never in port during the holidays, such is the nature of Submarine Service... our holiday stories are different.

As for favorite Christmas Songs.

Elvis Presley- "I'll be home for Christmas"

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