Fathers Day weekend rock chucks with videos!

My Daughter received 2 days off and away we went to California to hunt rock chucks, jackrabbits and sage rats on the same farm where I hit 200 rock chucks last month. First cutting is going on all over so everything was easy to see. We shot sage rats each morning and then switched to rock chucks and then spotlighted jackrabbits. Total was 90 rock chucks, 76 jackrabbits and too many to count sage rats. We spent much time driving around trying to record hits on rock chucks in the rocks, those little buggers would not sit still!!

We would also set up at one end of a rock wall with the Howa and shoot the rock chucks as they came into the alfalfa fields. As you can see from the ammo box she has hit 11 so far.
There are a couple fields we would walk around and stalk rock chucks with the Ruger
On one of those walks a jackrabbit appeared right at the 200 yard mark and I bet Chelsea $100 if she hit it, well then another came out and I bet her double or nothing. When will I learn never bet against her...

Here is a video of several hits on rock chucks with the Ruger 223 using 40 gr v-max ammo.


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