Emperors at the Washington State Legislature are wearing no clothes

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    I sent two identical letters of inquiry to Lieutenant Governor Brad Owen and House Speaker Pat Owen on February 17th as reproduced below. They would not reply to the requests for information. What that this tells me is that they are completely lawless and gutless wimps and don't want to admit that they don't have a way to allow people to comply with their gun bans.


    Lieutenant Governor Brad Owen
    PO Box 40400
    Olympia, WA 98504-0400

    RE: Request information on Senate chamber rules

    Dear Senator Owen:

    The January 29th printed edition of The Olympian carries a story titled "Capitol extends open weapons ban", which contains the following quotes:

    "Leaders in both chambers said they considered openly carried guns the same as any prop used for a demonstration, which is not allowed under each chamber's rules."


    "Openly carried weapons are still allowed in the main public areas of the Capitol and on the grounds of the Capitol campus."

    I am one such person affected by these rule changes, as I occasionally carry a rifle as a 1st Amendment prop for the purpose of opening up discussions with people about the Bill of Rights. I also typically carry a backpack containing fliers with information about the racist origins of gun control laws in the U.S., which were selectively enforced against freed slaves following the American Civil War. These laws are now known as "Jim Crow" laws.

    I am requesting that you provide information to me on what steps I need to follow for turning in my prop and backpack while attending legislative hearings in the galleries. For example, I need to know:
    1. Where is the prop and backpack holding location?
    2. Is there a person who can provide a receipt for turning in the prop and backpack?
    3. Is there a special procedure I need to follow for retrieving the prop and backpack?
    I appreciate any information you can provide, as I wish to fully comply with the legislative rules that enforce decorum in the legislative chambers.

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    Legislators have no clothes?

    Uh, do we want photos of this? Anybody????o_O
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