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cassius-marcellus-coolidge-pinched-with-four-aces_u-l-e81cj0.jpg 27119361.jpg
And the count is maintained by a built in gag-a-counter...

Ahhh HELL no…. we’re talkin’ confirmed body counts here. :s0108:

Your post has been rated 3 out of 10 gags.

“Back in the day”, I could gag out the entire platoon while in an outdoor formation…. With a cross-breeze blowing.

My squad leader would be all peeved at me waving his hand in front of his face sayin, “FRAK ME… how the hell do you make it linger like that?!”

My reply…. “Lots of rare red meat, Sergeant!!”

Bonus factoid from the mind of a terribly bored grunt:

It took 14 seconds for a flatulent bomb to escape your BDU’s properly, and if you timed it right you could deliver the payload while walking by and they’d never know who hit ‘em!
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