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does anyone like accu # 2 powder?

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by slind, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. slind

    slind Seattle, WA Member

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    so i have been reloading with accu # 2 powder and cci primers. and using the small primers for the 45. i load 9 and 40 as well. notice it is very dirty. are there any cleaner powders available. i am new at all of this.

    any advice will help thanks...
  2. deadshot2

    deadshot2 NW Quadrant WA State Well-Known Member

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    How heavy are your loads? If you match the pressure with the powder often times you reduce the amount of "dirt", getting more complete combusiton. Don't overdo it to the point you get huge fireballs or pressure signs, but try increasing the load a little.

    Personally, I prefer Power Pistol for the cartridges you mentioned but today just having something you can use is a plus. The CCI primers are good primers. Everyone has a preference but for me, they all work. Just match your powder load to the primer and bullet.
  3. noylj

    noylj high desert Active Member

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    I load light loads of AA2 for .45Auto and .38 Special. Dirty is NOT a concern. I clean my guns every 5000 rounds or so. Very accurate powder. Never noticed any dirtiness.
    I can not imagine it being dirty at 9x19 or .40S&W pressures.
    If you can find the powder, look to N310, Am. Select, AA N100, or Solo 1000. Of these, Solo 1000 is my "preferred" powder, but that would only be if 231/HP38 and AA2 were NOT available.
    If you were into accuracy, and not aesthetics, I would recommend AA5 as being the most accurate powder I have found for my .40s for light to mid-range loads and Silhouette for full pressure loads. For 9mm, WSF and Power Pistol are about as good as any and better than almost any others.
  4. jib

    jib Central OR Active Member

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    I would work up the charge.
    If you want clean for 45acp try Clays. I am happy with Bullseye, W231 and AA#5 in 45acp.
  5. XSubSailor

    XSubSailor SW WA Active Member

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    IMO, AA#2 would be far from my choice as an all-around powder.

    If you're trying to use a single powder for all the calibers listed, I'd recommend w231(HP-38), WSF, or possibly Power Pistol (although I've not personally used it in .45 ACP (I use WST). All of these powders burn very cleanly IMO from mid-range loads to max.
  6. jib

    jib Central OR Active Member

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    I can get Accurate #5 to burn clean in 38spl with a 158 cast SWC, but it takes 6.0gr of powder and a heavy crimp to make that happen.
    Fast powders are better suited for lower end loads as they require less pressure to burn efficiently.
    I am not sure why you are having trouble with #2 but my response would be to work up the charge.
  7. 4dogs

    4dogs 3 miles from the range Active Member

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    I use AA 2 and 5 for specific loads. #2 works well in my 38 spec loads, including a fairly light load I worked up that my sweetie shoots in her Taurus titanium snubby. Just a bit heavier load (4.2 gr) works well in my Rossi lever carbine, clocking about 1100 fps with a 105 gr hard cast lead bullet. AA #5 is my go-to powder for 9 and .45. Wished I could find any of the above in stock, though.
  8. nwhpfan

    nwhpfan Hopville Active Member

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    I use it to make a ".45 minor" for USPSA Production. It is dirty at the charge but the combination performs. 4.6 AA#2 180g/185g LSWC M&P 45. And I use the standard recoil spring. Very nice.
  9. OldGoat03

    OldGoat03 Woodinville Wa New Member

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    AA 2 will work fine in 45ACP, 9mm and 40. Many here have suggest Win 231/ HP 38 and I use those with good success as well. I load light practice rounds for my family that are pleasant to shoot but they (W231, AA2, Hp38) tend to leave the gun a bit sooty (thats the trade off).

    The Hogden website shows that W231, Hp38, AA2 Ramshot zip have nearly identical burn rates. At one point I remember reading on the manf website (i think) that AA2 was their equivalent to W231.

    Just more info and my opinion based on personal experience (all of whcih are worth exactly what you paid for them :O)

    good luck