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    The new “Can you read this?” optics chart came today. After stapling it to the pump house 127 yards away, I compared the Bushnell 6500 4 ½-30X50, Swarovski z5 5-25X52, Tasco World Class 4-16X40, Weaver 6-24X40, rifle scopes. As far as binoculars go I got out the Minox 13X56, Nikon 7-15X35, and the Vortex 6.5X32. Also I included the Leica LFR 1200 SCAN.

    With the Minox I could read line 1 with ease but not quite distinguish line 2.

    The Tasco allowed me to read line 1 on 12X but even on 16X I couldn’t quite read line 2.

    On about 10 1/2X or maybe 10 3/4X I could read line 1 with the Swarovski. 25X allowed me to easily read line 3 and almost make out line 4.

    10X allowed me to definitely read line 1 with the Bushnell. When turned up to 30X I could easily read line 3 but not quite make out line 4.

    With the Weaver on 12X I could read line 1. On 24X I could barely read line 3.

    The Nikon 7-15X35, which to me are the best carry around binocular value on the market, I could read line 1 on 11X. When turned up to 15X I could barely, but could read line 2.

    I tried the Leica LFR 1200 SCAN but could not make out the first line. Same thing with the very delightful 19 ounce Vortex 6.5X32 binocular. I purchased them to replace the 30 ounce Nikon 7-15X35 to lighten my hunting load. But, by the end of the first hunting season I went back to the Nikon because of the ability to crank up the power without resorting to the rifle scope. As you can see I was able to read line 2 with the Nikon on 15X but could not read line 2 with the Minox. That has to say something good about the Nikon. They have a place in the bino-buddy until something better comes along.

    The Bushnell allowed me to read on the lowest setting. Next was the Nikon bino then the Swarovski followed by the Weaver and Tasco. Variables are so nice!

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