Cross draw holsters

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    I was at a gun shop a few years back and the guy had a cross draw on.
    Asked him how and why. He said he was once a door man when this huge guy come at him and pushes him against the wall,locking his hand on his gun,behind his back.
    So this isn't about not getting in these situations,but about the use and comfort and whatever else of a cross draw.
    And here is an article about it I found in my search for pics.Some good points.
    The Benefits of Crossdraw Holsters « Stefi's blog
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    On a long drive I carry a 3" J frame with adjustable sights cross draw. It's very comfortable driving or walking. It's backed up by a .40 S&W under the center console. It is basically my go to the can / get a soda, etc gun.

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