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Connecticut to use no fly list to ban gun sales

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by PiratePast40, Dec 10, 2015.

  1. PiratePast40

    PiratePast40 Willamette Valley Well-Known Member

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  2. etrain16

    etrain16 Oregon Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    Good grief. These people are relentless. I sure hope the citizens of CT wake the F up and get on this jacka$$ before they find themselves completely without gun rights altogether.

    What amazes me is that the country, on the whole, is showing a distinct and measurable move away from more gun control and toward more gun ownership, as well as for more freedom to carry those guns. Yet these idiots actually still believe the false polling numbers and somehow think the majority will be okay with crap like this.

    I wonder too, if this law is passed, if it means once they scour that list, will they then go and confiscate weapons already owned by someone found on the list? The story doesn't say, but it does say they will take away the 'permit' (I assume they meant CC permit) of anyone found on the list.

    This may be the first, real, bonafide examples of actual gun confiscation we've seen so far. Man, this is getting way, way out of hand.
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  3. Bazooka Joe

    Bazooka Joe Lower Yakima Valley Well-Known Member

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    I don't see how it will pass Constitutional scrutiny. I think even the liberal justices will see it as overreach.
  4. Stomper

    Stomper Oceania Rising White Is The New Brown Silver Supporter

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    I heard on the radio this morning that the ACLU is actually taking sides with the NRA in challenging the no-fly list, because it violates a person's right to due process.

    If you are under suspicion of committing a crime and get charged, the state is REQUIRED to present its entire case of evidence to you so that you can defend yourself in a court of law. Last time I heard, you are PRESUMED INNOCENT until PROVEN GUILTY. o_O
  5. PiratePast40

    PiratePast40 Willamette Valley Well-Known Member

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    When looking at other ways that rights can be removed, it doesn't seem that a trial or conviction is necessary. Look at what happens if there is a restraining order placed against someone or they are accused of domestic violence. A judge makes a decision without a conviction. Is this the same justification that they are going to use with the no fly list?
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  6. nammac

    nammac I-5 Corridor - West of Portland Silver Supporter Silver Supporter

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    ACLU and NRA, strange bed fellows... This could be a sign that the end is indeed near...

    Every day for the remainder of Barry's term the attack against gun owners will be ratcheted up... We have a responsibility to be vocal, call, snail mail, email or elected/appointed officials.

    We also need to financially support those who are fighting for and representing us gun owners in the political arena. We are responsible for the rights that are retained or lost...

    Inaction is complacency....
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  7. RicInOR

    RicInOR Washington County Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    @Stomper - except in Family court, tax court and dealing with other government agencies - like State, Immigration, Social Security ........
  8. Slobray

    Slobray Yelm, WA Well-Known Member

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    I think they mean all permits, as you have get permission from and pay an extortion fee to the state for everything to do with exercizing your 2A rights; "to Purchase a Pistol or Revolver", "Permit to Carry Pistol or Revolver Permit", "to Purchase Long Guns", "sale or transfer of all firearms", to purchase "legal magazines" and "to Purchase ammunition".

    I'm sure confiscation is next, this law will give them the opprotunity to carry it out, instead of just sending out letters.

  9. RicInOR

    RicInOR Washington County Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    It's messed up for Democrats to use the no-fly list to push for gun laws

    Trevor Timm

    "A federal judge recently ruled the process for finding out if you’re on the list and any attempt to get off it unconstitutional, given its Kafkaesque procedures and extreme secrecy, which make it impossible to challenge. The administration has supposedly been incrementally changing its procedures in response to that court order and other lawsuits brought by innocent people who have had their rights violated, but they have only doing so while kicking and screaming."
  10. BigBull 301

    BigBull 301 PDX almost Well-Known Member

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    Pretty sure that's just an "Old Wives Tale"...welcome to the new world order!
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  11. robertg

    robertg Sandy Oregon Silver Supporter Silver Supporter 2016 Volunteer

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    Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy plans to sign the first executive order in the nation to ban the sales of guns to people on federal government watch lists.

    "We intend to prevent, by executive order through my powers as governor, those on government watch lists from obtaining a permit to purchase a firearm in Connecticut," the Democratic governor said in a news conference Thursday.

    Anyone who wishes to buy a gun in Connecticut must first apply for a permit from a public safety agency, then a thorough background check is conducted, Malloy said.

    "The executive order would add an additional level of protection and require those who apply for a permit to be screened against government watch lists," Malloy said during the news conference.

    It's not clear how many people this executive order would cover, but the governor said he has reason to believe people living in the state are on watch lists and the state should be in a position to deny permits to those individuals.

    The state created some of the strictest gun laws in the country after 20 students and six educators were killed in a 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown. Those laws banned assault weapons in Connecticut.

    The governor is seeking access to some federal watch lists and his executive order would prevent anyone on them from buying a handgun, shotgun, rifle or ammunition in the state.

    People who are denied would have the option to appeal.
  12. The Heretic

    The Heretic Oregon Well-Known Member

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    So, the 75 TSA employees on that list won't qualify for firearms in CT?

    There are a lot of people who are on that list through no fault of their own simply because their name is the same as someone else's.

    Not to mention the whole due process issue.
  13. elsie

    elsie Way over there on the left Well-Known Member

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    How would that appeal work? The watch list(s) are pretty much secret and can pretty much be added to by bureaucratic fiat. I'm not even sure you can contest the no-fly list unless you're a congresscritter or liberal media.

  14. JRuby

    JRuby St. Helens Oregon Well-Known Member

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    So tell me what the details of this ROOM is? I have heard nothing concrete so far.
  15. albin25

    albin25 Lewiston Idaho Well-Known Member

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    so now I suppose we'll be informed how many of those mail orderin', AR/AK shootin', mass murderin', buggerclowns have ever been on a watch list that would have prevented an event up 'till now...they'll want to try and justify their stupid law making to us huddled masses
    ....willing to bet it is pretty much ZERO.
  16. erudne

    erudne The Pie Matrix PPL Say Sleeping W/Your Rifle Is A bad Thing? Bronze Supporter

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    I smell Marxism

  17. MrNatural

    MrNatural Oregon Well-Known Member

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  18. Black Dog

    Black Dog Eagle Creek Or Active Member

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    Well thanks to our leader in the White House for not enforcing the States to follow Constitutional Law as required by the Supreme Court here we sit. He won't enforce any of the federal laws on the States. Up until OBAMIE when the States didn't follow the Fed's Laws they lost Federal money until they did. OBAMIE does only what he wants and lets the rest run amuck. Besides it's way to late to close the barn door on guns. There is no way anybody is going to get everybody to turn in or register there guns. I mean look how gun sales are going crazy. All these new gun owners are not going to give up there guns.
  19. 4Freedom

    4Freedom Boise, Idaho Well-Known Member

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    Looks like the end of our freedoms is almost here.. Connecticut governor is first to actively declare war on the United States of America.. He states that he will not sell guns to people the government feels is "unworthy".. That is, those who are on the "Terrorist Watch List", which is 1 out of 300 Americans.


    I was told if you reject our Constitution and will arrest and persecute Americans with your own set of laws and decrees that contradict our country's law, that you are a traitor and an enemy of our nation.

    What should be done about the traitor Governor Daniel P. Malloy who has decide to act as judge, jury and executioner in his state. He forgot that in the United States we have a Second Amendment and that he cannot administer any type of punishment or remove any type of constitutional right. Criminals must be convicted in a court of law, innocent until proven guilty. There must due process and a criminal cannot be convicted by the government based on suspiscion or some magical list. Indeed, this is an atrocity. Over 1,000,000 Americans are on these lists and the number is growing constantly. Who is making the list and what is the justification? They have already proven that many of the people on the list have no terrorist connections at all. I say this is treason and a declaration of war by the governor against the American people!

    This man not only needs to be thrown out of office, but should to serve time in a federal prison if this ILLEGAL law he is trying to enforce ever results in the harming of law-abiding American citizens. He also should face restitution and other consequences for behaving belligerent, irrational and above the laws of our country. I am no lawyer and do not know what consequences a traitorous governor who acts above the law will face, but I know that this behavior is dangerous and unchecked will result in our country deteriorating into fascism and an inevitable resistance. Isn't this why we had a 2nd Amendment in the first place?

    Of course, realistically I am sure this unconstitutional decree he is going to try to enforce will be challenged in federal court and lose. But, I am still very unnerved and know these fascist measures that our governors are taking in the name of National Security are the first steps to declaring war and trying to enforce a fascist and autocratic overthrow of our nation.

    Last week I was afraid of Muslims.. Today I am much more afraid of the fascists and traitors in my government who are taking advantage of the situation. In fact, these people may support Muslim immigration and helping to fund Islamic terrorism as a way to justify themselves overriding our laws and revoking our freedoms, rendering our Constitution useless.

    The fact that so-called Right-Wingers/Republicans like Donald Trump support these unconstitutional and downright fascist measures even terrifies me more. I think I will have trouble sleeping tonight.

    Please take a minute to think to yourselves about what is happening here.
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2015
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  20. Medic!

    Medic! What just happened? Has eagle eyes. But cant remember what he saw. Bronze Supporter

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    Obama and all the other anti-gunners are just going after the low hanging fruit.

    These same people think it's unconstitutional to ask a person for a Drivers License to vote!:rolleyes: