Congressional Report on Mass Shootings - USA

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    "The Congressional Research Service (CRS) has just released a report on mass shootings, drawing on two large chunks of data. The first is the FBI's series of supplemental homicide reports from 1999 to 2013, as buttressed by various scholars who have done their best to fill the gaps and fix the errors in the police statistics. The second is a dataset assembled by Grant Duwe, a criminologist at the Minnesota Department of Corrections"

    One criminologist's reaction: "This report should calm the fears that many people have that these numbers are out of control."
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    Any mass shooting is never good anywhere in the world and this report is good news, but stopping crazy people who think killing a bunch of strangers is the only solution to their issues, whether it be by car, knife, gun, bomb, bat or any other weapon they chose is virtually impossible unless you get lucky. The proof of this, in this country at least is the fact that first, it's illegal, just in gun laws we have approximately 25,000, can't just go around killing people with a knife, etc. and yet it still happens, so the only solution is to have someone in the area to put a stop to this activity when it happens, whether it be the police, a security guard or several CCW's who can kill the bubblegum dead if possible and minimize the damage as much as the situation allows. Nuts are nuts, in the past and in the future so either we deal with them and their issues or we let them rampage and deal with the results. Passive doesn't work.
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    Still, the anti-firearm crowd never misses the opportunity to let raw emotion skew facts in the march towards communism.
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    Interesting study, particularly the distribution between public shootings, familicide, and other crimes. With around 100 victims per year (max 160), it barely makes up 1% of total firearm homicides. If politicians want to do the best for the most people, mass shootings should be very low on the priority list.
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    Okay, need to point out to those screaming about mass killings that they are really blowing it (I edited my original remarks) by not giving a damn about the bigger picture.
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