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Anyone care to share info about digging for clams in snohomish county?

I get the shellfish license for crabbing, but figured since my fiance and I enjoy clams so much (did a batch with Redhook's Winterhook and some vermouth) maybe I should give it a shot. Don't know the first thing about the equipment I need, where to go, times, tips and tricks...

I have the impression that its a little more of a retirement activity :eek: but i'd like to change that (at least for myself).

I'd be more then willing to cover some beers at Skuttlebutt for someone that would be interested in helping me get started and going out for an hour or two (or however long this sort of thing takes)
Look at eastern soft shells, lots of meat on par with razors (imo) and down here in Oregon your allowed 36. You will find them in tidal bays in mud. Its a sticky affair but well worth it. You don't need a minus tide to dig them.
Ask at local tackle shops for locations. Once you've located a area with good beds, look for their shows, that's where their neck protrudes above the surface to feed. they leave an oval hole when they retract their necks. Gently poke your finger into the show, you should feel them pull away a little,, if you do your in them! Don't dig directly down, dig along side then remove the soil sideways until they fall into the hole you have dug. they can be quite large with LONG necks so you may have to dig fairly deep to get below them. You'll get the hang of it quickly. The name 'soft shell' means just that. They are easily broken, and can be very sharp. I personally blanch them using a colander in boiling water for a few seconds to pop them open. There is a gut sack that needs to be sliced open to remove the long narrow clear tube,, you'll see it. The two thin wavy flaps on either side of the body are the gills and should be removed. You pull the rough skin from the neck,, the blanching in boiling water facilitates an easier job of this. Using a good set of scissors, cut the tip off and slice the neck lengthwise. There are two holes that run the length of the neck, and you need to snip through them both to get any sand out. Rinse them well in cold water to remove any remaining sand and your done! The necks can be cooked as razors are, although they are sweeter and more tender than a razor. the body's can be used to make clam fritters which are divine. I wish we were a little closer, I would be glad to take you out and show you. Good luck!
Look here for beaches in your area
Washington Fishing and Shellfishing | Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife
Public Clam and Oyster Beaches | Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife

Now I used to clam all the time while I was a kid,then forgot it all.
But for butters you get a nice potato type for or rake,cause they are fairly shallow.For horse clams and others,I just use a short handled shovel.
Heck go to one of your local,small time sporting goods stores and go to the fishing department.They will have the equipment there.
The clam guns are for Razors BTW

Oh and get a nice net clam bag for easy cleaning.And the scale that shows you how big the clam and crabs need to be.Other than that,all you need is clothing to meet YOUR comfort level of cold and wet.
And most places you must shuck the oysters at the tide level you picked them up.

Have fun and don't cut your hands too much.
For razors you'll need to head to the coast.
Steamers are common on Hood Canal.
Not sure in you're northern locale.
Where would these be found in Oregon? I'm in Florence and the razors are getting tough to find.
. Blov, have you tried the softshell's there where your at? Your in softshell heaven, and your allowed 36. The meat is slighter sweeter than a razor but far more tender. Don't get me wrong, I like razor clams,, but I LOVE softshells! As for where you can find razors, around Newport both north of and south of the jetty. Also at Agate beach.


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