become a cannibal or die?

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  • die

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If it was a choice between starving to death and killing someone so I could eat them as my only options. I would do what I had to do to survive.
Actually, my dad once said if it came down to that, that you would want to try to rationalize with them and end up eating cuts of flesh off your shoulders and thighs first (while both alive) before killing anyone.
But if it was a situation like that, they'd probably fight you over eating their shoulders and you'd have to kill them anyway.

Bottom line, I know that if I get in a situation like that, I will do whatever it takes to survive, regardless of what it is, no matter how nasty, hard to do, or socially looked down on.
A little BBQ sauce......tastes like chicken :s0112:
Trlsmn may have a good recipe

But in all seriousness, I think one has to do whatever it takes to survive.
I don't think I'd eat someone who was already dead unless I saw them die and they were fresh. The diseases you can get from rotting meat are not good.
Why do you think zombies only eat people and not each other? Corpses taste yucky:s0154:
I think that everyone would if they were truly starving. When you get to that point all rational thought goes out the window and you do whatever it takes.
"Long Pig"

The more closely related an animal is to you, the more diseases you can get by eating it. So fish you can eat raw, while you have to cook pork like crazy, even if it doesn't have trichinosis.

In the kind of scenario where we can't find anything to eat but each other, the others are most likely not going to be in their prime. I feel a Monty Python sketch coming on...
YouTube - Monty Python - Lifeboat - Cannibalism - Undertaker

This sort of thing is unimaginably horrific, and I don't believe that any of us tapping away at our laptops has the slightest inkling of what we would or could do if whatever came to pass.

I do know that in China during the Great Leap Forward the peasants were reduced to eating the dead. It did not save many lives, just dragged them through a final degradation on their way down to a slow, ugly death.

This is a first-hand account: Bones of the Master: A Journey to Secret Mongolia (9780553379082): George Crane: Books: Reviews, Prices & more
0 gotta be starving first? Yah...I'm down for long-pig. But I got news for you, I'm not about to wait till I'm starving. If I'm out of options, than I'm gonna take out the competition long before I'm actually starving.
Do you really want to live in a world thats come to that? where Society disintegrates to such a level where roving mobs stalk one another for food? I plan to take myself out and not witness it.
I've thought it out and Its my choice.
If we go into a depression like existance where we tighten our belts and values and moralty come back as a by-product of those flocking to religion, I'll tough it out , grow what I can, even if theres violence and such as long as theres rule of law.. But if its like a Road Warrior on steroids count me out.
Do you really want to live in a world thats come to that?

It doesn't have to be 'the world'. The Donner Party, the soccer players in the Andes mountains, even the whaling ship Essex, are all incidents of folks being in the wrong place at the wrong time.


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