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Combat Vet Who Stopped The Synagogue Shooter: ‘I Scared The Hell Out Of Him’

The man who fired a semi-automatic weapon inside the Chabad of Poway synagogue in San Diego on Saturday froze, dropped his gun and sprinted to his car when he saw Oscar Stewart come barreling toward him, yelling so loud the priest at a neighboring church could hear.

Stewart says this man may have saved his life, and pointed to his use of a civilian gun — he was off-duty and was apparently handed the weapon by someone else on the scene — as evidence that gun control isn’t the answer to these kinds of tragedies.

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Injured California rabbi gets a call from President Donald Trump: ‘He was just so comforting.’

LIZ SHELD’S MORNING BRIEF: Toxic Masculinity Deterred Synagogue Shooter. “Anti-Semitism is excused and normalized by the media and the Democrats when they fail to critically cover people like Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) and groups like the Women’s March and Black Lives Matter who are aligned with the anti-Semitic BDS movement. The Democrats in congress were unable to pass one of their stupid resolutions that would condemn anti-Semitism. These are not serious folks. Sadly, the Poway synagogue shooting will disappear as fast as the Sri Lanka “Easter worship” slaughter because it’s inconvenient to the left’s narrative: the Poway gun man was a Trump-hater.”
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Been on sudo-vacation. From what I understood, first defender was unarmed but charged and challenged the shooter. A border agent then retrieved a gun provided/stored by the church and was able to send some rounds down range at the shooters car.

I don't know what firearm was used but the first defender said the shooter didn't seem experienced with guns. Being 19 in California, what legal access did the shooter have to weapons? I have to play catchup.


...I don't know what firearm was used but the first defender said the shooter didn't seem experienced with guns. Being 19 in California, what legal access did the shooter have to weapons? I have to play catchup.
From what I read, the kook decided on this plan 4 weeks ago and bought a firearm (AR) at that point. With CA's 10 day waiting period he only had the rifle for 2.5 weeks or so. Another piece indicated that the rifle malfunctioned, then one of the unarmed members charged him and he ran -- this guy chased him to his car and began punching the car. Then border patrol guy caught up and told the first guy to get out of the way and shot at the car as the shooter took off.

Anyhow, in sick way, this goon fell prey to the anti-AR propaganda (*) and the world is luckier for it.

(*) that they're super powerful magic bullet hoses any moron can use to cause mass casualties.


Just FYI, as I understand it, this would be illegal under several of the recently proposed OR and WA gun laws
In WA, this would be legal unless the defender who borrowed the gun was a prohibited person. How you figure out whether the borrower is prohibited in the middle of a firefight is beyond me, but that's the deal: RCW 9.41.113: Firearm sales or transfers—Background checks—Requirements—Exceptions. (<i>Effective until July 1, 2019.</i>)

(c) A temporary transfer of possession of a firearm if such transfer is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to the person to whom the firearm is transferred if:
(i) The temporary transfer only lasts as long as immediately necessary to prevent such imminent death or great bodily harm; and
(ii) The person to whom the firearm is transferred is not prohibited from possessing firearms under state or federal law;​


I call total b. S. , Clearconscience! This guy was an 8 Chan alt right pos. And most of us Jews are liberals.
He was 19, and lives in CA.
I’m just giving my guess without the needed facts. , but I would bet on my guess looking at the few details we have.

Especially since a lot of libs hate on Israel in the news and social media.
I'm sure most of us here are simply disgusted how this fools vial expression of anger will impact all who play by the rules. And yes a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun. This point will be lost to the Leftists. Prayers for the victims.
It was certainly quickly lost in NZ, when a muslim with an unregistered gun stopped the killer from entering another mosque


This is so very sad.

There's a big post (19 pages) on this over on AR15/com. It was started by a poster by the name of "DRSALEE" who attends the synagogue and was apparently good friends with the woman who was killed (Lori Gilbert).

Here's what he says went down. Take particular note of the second post. Can you even imagine?


This congregation is armed.

Lori’s husband had a wheel gun hidden safely in a cabinet. Only a few congregants knew about it. The Rabbi is also armed.

The perp parked out front, walked in the open front door. Shots were fired immediately, I’m not sure exactly who was hit first. The Rabbi had a few fingers shot off. Lori took one shot to the abdomen and died instantly.

When husband heard the commotion, he retrieved the wheel gun and tossed it to the BP guy who was praying. There was another ex-military congregant accosted the perp, screaming at folks to get down. The perp panicked and ran to his car. The BP fired several shots into the car, blowing out the back window and possibly hitting a tire. The perp surrendered to local LA a mile down the road.

The perp had multiple mags. A huge massacre was prevented by the presence of that wheel gun.

BP was not carrying

The Lori’s husband pitched him a handgun when he heard the commotion.

BP guy is a parishioner . BP returned fire and the guy ran off. BP chases him out side and shot the rear window out of his car. Local police collared him a few blocks away.

Lori’s husband is a physician. He didn’t know who was hit. They called him to do CPR on a victim. When husband arrives to the victim, he then sees that it is his wife. He passes out. He is now a mess. Can you even imagine that?! What a bubbleguming bubblegum show


This is so very sad.

There's a big post (19 pages) on this over on AR15/com. ...
Found in that thread: Guns Save Lives — Armed Citizens Thwart Active Shooters 94 Percent of the Time

It turns out that 283 events qualify as Active Shooter incidents, and Paulsen and his colleagues found that of them, an armed citizen was present 11.7 percent of the time (in 33 cases).

Moreover, the Sentinel also informed, “A further examination of those 33 cases found ‘armed citizens were successful at stopping the active shooter 75.8 percent of the time (25 incidents) and were successful in reducing the loss of life in an additional 18.2 percent (6) of incidents.’ Translated, ‘armed citizens are successful 94 percent of the time at active shooter events,’ he concluded.”


What pisses me off, is I keep offering training and support to any other Jews up here, and no one will take me up on it. They would be happy to let me stand outside their synagogue, but don't want to to take responsibilty for there own safety.

The sickness of Anti-gunners/get-someone-else to-do-it has firmly taken hold of American Jews and it is Fricken disgusting to me.

At least these jews had a handgun on site, which given CA Caryy laws was a pragmatic approach.

And before someone calls me antisemitic, I am a Jew.


Yeah I know, but Jews have no excuse. If that many of your people were killed all at once by the government, would you really relinquish your safety to another government? Completly assinine.
No they don't. Personally, I wouldn't leave my safety to anyone let alone a government and didn't even take a holocaust for me. Yes it is, but whatever I don't judge or tell people what to do, they choose to die on their knees that's on them.


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