Back in the late 80's and 90's I had a C&R (Curio and Relics) license which allowed me to buy any gun on the C&R list and have it sent directly to me through the mail without having to go through a FFL. If I got another C&R license it seems like I should be able to bypass all the 114 B.S. on C&R guns???? I should also be able to buy a C&R listed gun from an individual in Oregon without having to get a buyers permit???

Most of the guns that I would like to add to my collection should be on the C&R list by now: FN49, Rasheed, Lahti, G43, etc.
No. C&R (03) is no longer relevant in Oregon. Oregon's universal background check law requires all firearms to go through an FFL for a BGC. In Oregon, the days of C&R shipping to your house are long gone.

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