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Freeze dried meals and snacks. Where I work has snacks almost every day, and there is usually several small packages of freeze dried fruit. I often manage to snag one several times a week and I have collected them for my GHB and my kids GHBs.

At Winco I buy several different kinds of roasted corn and mix it with granola, dried blueberries, 'wasabi' peas and cashews for snacking on during the day. I have some of that mix in the car.


I like the canned fish. I grew up with my dad sharing a tin of kippered herrings with me on Saturdays so thus my affinity for them. Some people have a hard time digesting them though so I can see why they aren't that popular. As @Joe13 said, they are nutritionally packed. I like to go to the Asian groceries and buy the small cans. They are really cheap and you can usually find a huge variety at these places.
You can get 16oz cans of mackerel for $1 just about anywhere and it tastes exactly like sardines.


Jerky and Pemmican, 2 large sammich bags of Hard Tac, Freeze dried fruits, packaged Smoked Almonds and mixed nuts, sunflower seeds, Chocolate bars, canned Brined Smoked Salmon! Oat Meal ( Gut Paste) packets, and packets of Peanut butter, sugar, salt, pepper, and small bottle of Hot sauce, can of EasyCheese spread, Instant coffee.
MSR Wisperlite International stove and 1 16oz bottle of fuel
MSR MiniworksEX Water filtration system and Nalgene bottle with adapter and lip guard
Camalbak 3L water bladder and insulator
20 rounds .223 62 gr softpoint ammo, loose
30 rounds .22 40 gr solid led standard velocity, loose
5/20 bills in separate pockets, 5/10 bills, 5/5 bills
6 oz bottle of Bourbon, 6 oz Vodka
WW-II Canteen with cup and spoon and Insulated holder
MSR 2 quart cook pot with tool
MSR 2 Pint Cook pot
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In my GHB I carry Tanka bars, mini Snickers bars, packets of boullion, and instant coffee packets. Not a wide range of food but it's for 2-3 days of walking not for a feast. I also have rotating stuff in my car that would supplement my kit.


For my GHB I only have items that don't need to be cooked.

1x - Madras Lentils 10oz package (can be purchased at Costco)
2x - Cheese/Peanut Butter Packets (can be purchased at Winco)
4x - Cliff Bars
4x - 16oz bottled water

What I have in my bag is enough to either get me home or get me to a new food source.

Having been on countless military patrols I chose food that can be eaten while moving and doesn't have to be cooked.

Having a snack while moving across rough terrain is a great moral booster. I can worry about fancy meals when I get to a safe location.



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