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    If you haven't read the Australia 1996 Firearms Agreement you should. I have summarized the most important provisions. I would have posted it as an attachment as it is lengthy but I don't see an icon for it.

    Obama has repeatedly stated that conscientious gun owners should not object to common sense gun laws like Australia’s. He has threatened executive action. Listed below are some of the provision contained in the Australia 1996 Firearms Agreement in their order in the agreement. Comments in parenthesis are mine and are made for clarification. I didn’t list the requirements for the recording of firearm sales and registration.

    1996 Firearms Agreement

    1. Bans all semi automatic firearms.

    2. Bans any competition using a semi automatic firearm

    3 All firearms to be registered in a national data base

    4. Any person wanting to own, possess or use a firearm must demonstrate a genuine reason.

    5. (a) that personal protection not be regarded as a genuine reason for owning, possessing or using a firearm.

    Classificatios used to define “Genuine Reason”

    1. Sporting shooters who are participants in competitions such as Olympic games, Commonwealth Games, or World Championships and have a membership in a club with a charter to compete in those events.

    2. Recreational shooters/hunters who produce proof of permission from landowners. (This iis an indication that firearms are banned from government owned lands although not stated.)

    3. Bonified collectors of fire arms.

    Restrictions placed on collectors.- 1. If manufactured after 1946 must be rendered inoperable 2. may not possess ammunition for the collection firearm. 3. No banned firearm may be collected.

    Licensing (Licensing is divided up into different classifications based on need.)

    1. Each applicant for a license must demonstrate to the licensing authority a genuine reason for owning, possessing or using a firearm. (Same genuine reasons as defined above)

    2. Classification C Producers (of meat. Ranchers) Shall be limited to one rifle and one shotgun. Application to be approved by the Commissioner of Police who may impose conditions on the use of the firearm including the geographical area of the use of the firearm.

    3. Applicants must be eighteen; of good character; give proof of identity requiring multiple types of identity proof. Undertake safety training. License to be issued for the classification of gun it is for.

    4. Be issued subject to storage requirement inspection by licensing authorities.

    5. list of 7 categories of firearms prohibited to be licensed including all semi automatic or self loading firearms.

    6. All handguns including pellet and bb pistols are restricted ( No definition of restricted) from licensing.

    7. All licensed firearms are subject to confiscation at any time.

    Reasons for revocation of license and seizure of firearms

    1.Failure to notify licensing authority of change of address

    2. No longer has “genuine reason.”

    3. Not in public interest to own a firearm.

    4. Person has a mental or physical condition rendering the license holder unsuitable for owning a firearm.

    Permit to Acquire

    1. A separate permit is required for the acquisition of every firearm.

    2 Issuance of permit subject to a 28 day waiting period.

    Storage Requirements

    1. Categories A and B A locked receptacle of thick steel. If the weight is less than 300 pounds the receptacle must be bolted to the wall or floor framing.

    2. Categories C,D, and H. A steel safe bolted to the floor or wall framing.

    3. All ammunition to be locked in a separate storage receptacle.


    1. Only ammunition is to be sold for the gun listed on the license.

    2. Each jurisdiction shall place a limit on the amount of ammunition to be purchased.


    1. 12 month amnesty to persuade gun owners to voluntarily surrender their fire arms and to warn them of the severe penalty for not complying.

    2. “that, after the amnesty has concluded, each jurisdiction shall have severe penalties, which to the extent practicable should be uniform, for breaches of the firearms control laws “
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    That's just nuts. But Australiaian politicians were smart. They knew the outrage and panic over the big shooting would eventually subside, as would their apparently overwhelming support for such extreme measures. And that is what hurts Obama and his ilk here. Outrage over incidents like this, even the worst of them is short lived.

    Heck, one of the reasons we have the provisions in the Constitution that we do is to force people to slow down, take a breath and think before they act. Obama and people like him know they have to move hard and fast. And it's why he is so frustrated (he's even stated as much) by the Constitution. That's why grieving families are paraded out in the media and on stage with the POTUS sometimes only hours after an event. Stoke the fires of fear, sadness, hatred and outrage until you get enough people, who don't know how to handle those adult feelings, to agree to almost anything, even giving away their rights, if it only helps their hurt and fear go away.

    Never should there be such sweeping and dramatic changes to a country's laws under such circumstances. Creating big changes requires thought, debate and reflection on all the potential impacts. Responding and acting out of fear is the action of the weak minded and the power hungry.

    Any politician that says we "must act now", regardless of party, should be ignored, period.

    Australia used to be peopled with criminals, now it's just peopled with compliant subjects who don't understand or appreciate what freedom really means.
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    I’ve spent a total of 6-8 months in Australia over the last 10 or so years on various business trips. On one occasion we were at dinner with a large group (12 people, 10 Aussies and 2 Americans) and they asked what my hobbies were. I replied fishing, hunting and shooting. That caused a bit of laughter and then 8 of the 10 Aussies told me they all had guns, shot them on a regular basis and would never register or surrender them. One woman, Sarah, exclaimed how horrible all of us were and that guns, and more importantly to her, gun owners, were evil. She raved on and on about the subject while we all smiled at her childlike ignorance. She even went as far as citing “Bowling for Columbine” as one of the best documentaries she had ever seen and the “evidence” in that movie was unquestionable (sounds a lot like some climate change folks I’ve talked to, science is settled, etc.).

    Her boyfriend tried to calm her down by sarcastically saying, “relax babe… I’m sure nobody at the table is currently carrying a gun”. She was not amused. Turns out he was former Australian SAS and has several “unregistered” guns as well. They broke up shortly after that dinner. She couldn’t abide by his ownership of guns.

    As a final American thumb in her eye, I paid for a 1-year subscription to Guns and Ammo magazine for her and had it sent to her office in Sydney. That’s the kind of giver I am. :)
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    While this is not Australia:

    This is closer and this kind of crap can spread. If you haven't watched this video before, take a xanex before. You may need it. It's a cluster.

    Also note that "disabled" firearms in Australia require that they have lead pored down their barrel to make them inoperable. Imagine having a collectable.. but it's not because it has a fully filled barrel of lead.o_Oo_Oo_Oo_O

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