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    I felt the need to take a handful of blood pressure pills after listening to the hearing. Lynch refused to answer any question relating to why the Justice department is refusing to prosecute a statutory crime committed by an employee of the Veteran's Administration or the IRS. Several of the questions related to sanctuary cities. She refused to answer why the Justice Department continues to provide grants to sanctuary cities that are violating federal law. She avoided answering why when she was first appointed to a federal position by Bill Clinton and then as Attorney General by Barak Obama who also appointed Hillary Clinton Secretary of State, this is not a conflict of interest for which the Justice Department should appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the Hillary national security case.

    The anti gun agenda was obvious from the questions posed by the Democrat congressmen. Perhaps the most disturbing was the proposal by Congressman Cicillini
    (Has a mafia ring to it) of Rhode Island for abolishing the provision that allows a gun to be sold to the applicant if the background check is not completed within 72 hours. This would be a back door 2nd amendment violation. Background checks under this administration or a Hillary administration would never be completed. Another congressman advocated federal Universal background checks (like Oregon and Washington) for all states initiated by executive order.

    Chicago gun violence was discussed several times. One Hispanic congressman commented that 13% of the black population is committing 50 percent of the gun crimes in Chicago. He went on to say that a disproportionate percentage of gun crimes are committed against Hispanics whose gun ownership is below the national average. Bottom line;The Hispanics should arm themselves.

    One congressman wants to release criminals of drug related crimes from prison. Several black congressmen wanted their constituents not to be sentenced to prison and if they are already in prison to be released. Another congressman blamed our narcotic laws for the high rate of crime. If you want to lower the crime rate abolish the laws that define the crime.


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